Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I don’t intend to address the theoretical, assumption-riddled letter to the editor from Friday Oct. 2nd pleading for you to not vote for Christina Blackcloud. It was a poor representation of a political campaign riddled with racist bias.

Instead I will tell you why I did vote for her. (yes, by the time you read this I have already voted by mail)

I voted for Christina Blackcloud because we need to get our healthcare system, especially mental healthcare, back in order.

The leading mental healthcare example for my vote for Ms. Blackcloud — the Iowa government shutdown of the Iowa Juvenile Home. This not only affected the kids housed there but the Tama-Toledo community and especially those who were employed by IJH. It also began the erosion and ultimate collapse of the mental health system, especially for young adults, in Iowa. Let’s remember who was in the middle of this issue when it came about – Dean Fisher and the Republicans.

He was part of the State attempts to “pawn” off the IJH campus on the local communities too. Not real solutions.

And now, in a time when so many suffer with unemployment, food insufficiencies and, after the derecho, housing instability, mental and physical health services are in greater need.

There are other reasons I am voting for Christina Blackcloud: Her stances on the environment, small businesses and education – but health reform is at the top of the list. She’s a leader that’s willing to work with others to find the right path for the people of Iowa, District 72 and our local communities.

If you’re tired of the anger and rhetoric in politics, please consider this change and vote Blackcloud.

Amy R. Doyle

Toledo, Iowa