Letter to the Editor

It seems that some think if people disagree with Trump it is because they hate him. That is probably true in some cases, but one can also disagree with Trump on differences in values. I dislike strongly the way Trump treats the military. I learned to respect our military at a very early age when I saw how my mother worried about my Uncle, a mine sweeper in WWII. With all her worry there was also an immense sense of pride in him and his service. That lesson has carried through my entire life.

It was too concerning when Trump, the candidate, held a rally in Des Moines and advertised that the profits would go to veterans’ groups. It was only after the Register revealed he had not given anything to those groups that he released a portion of the money.

I understood that Mexico’s paying for the wall was extremely unlikely, so I knew Trump would have to seek other sources of funds. I was somewhat concerned when he took money from funds that were to be used to build vets’ clinics and build schools for vets’ children. I just thought he should look elsewhere.

It was hard to understand why he did next to nothing to the Saudis when they killed and dismembered an American citizen. But it was really concerning when he sent our soliders to bolster the Saudi military. Why would he reward the Saudis’ murder with a gift of our military?

Try as I might, I do not understand his disparagement of the allies who have fought side by side with our troops in conflits and wars. While on the other hand, showing respect and believe the word of dictators who murder their opponents.

However, I am a long way passed the point of understanding or disliking when the Commander and Chief Donald Trump did not pursue to the ends of the earth the truth of the intelligence that said Putin put a bounty on the heads of American soliders! That, in my opinion, is reprehensible. I am incredulous that any President could look the other way. They are OUR men and women and a Commander-in-Chief should never allow their being trophies murdered for money. When asked after his meeting with Putin if he had brought up the bounties, he said that it didn’t come up in the conversation. Not important enough to come up in the conversation?! That is unconscionable and a slap in the face of our military and our country.

Fighting and dying for one’s country is a fearful act and not something every person is able to do. However, all of us should respect, revere, and do the best we can for those who made and are making that decision to protect the United States of America-and all of us includes the President. I cannot support someone who puts his friendship with a murdering dictator above our duty to our military. Liking or hating is not the crux of the problem.