Letter to the Editor

Sometimes citizens are fortunate enough to find a candidate they can support who is extremely qualified and who cares about them and their welfare. Sometimes – but not always.

Our district is just that fortunate. We have a candidate for the Iowa House of Representatives who not only has the credentials but also has the motivation to do the job with excellence and heart.

When you meet Christina Blackcloud, you will meet a friendly, intelligent woman whose smile is warm and kind. You will also be meeting a lady who has two BA degrees – one in Business Administration and one in Human Resources. You will also meet a lady who interned for Tom Harkin on the influential health committee, who is active in local politics, who has been elected to the district committee, and has served on the state central committee off and on since 2012. When in Washington, Christina took advantage of learning opportunities with classes on such things as working with constituents and ethics in politics.

Voters in our district have an opportunity to elect a candidate who will represent us and will represent her party when in coincides with what we, her constituents, want her to do. For example, she will not support voter suppression or keeping minimum wage at a poverty level. She will put people above corporations and most importantly, she will not only listen to us – she will hear us and work for us. She will not care if you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent. She will represent us all.

Her contacts at the local, state, and national level will be an asset to Iowa. Christina Blackcloud is a Democrat running for Congress. But more importantly, she is a person committed to helping all of us. Meet her. Talk with her. If you do, you will feel very confident in voting for her.

Anne Michael

Tama, IA