Supports Blackcloud for Democratic nomination for House

Letter to the Editor:

Support Christina Blackcloud For Iowa House District 72

There is no better candidate for the importance of Iowa House District 72 on June 2, than Christina Blackcloud. Christina has dedication, expertise, skills, knowledge within our Democratic Party. Christina has demonstrated this by organizing democratic outreach, volunteered, worked, and has been a apart of major campaign candidates. Christina’s biography is extensive and will bring years of political knowledge, new ideas, and professionalism to our district. Christina will bring a solid voice and is the only candidate that has the experience to take on and win the election over Republican Dean Fisher this fall!

I encourage all our Democratic Voters of Iowa House District 72 to take the time & research our candidates! You will find out that the only challenger with a solid vision of change for our future is Christina Blackcloud for HD72. As Democratic Sheriff Candidate for Tama County Sheriff – I support Christina Blackcloud as the only choice for 2020!

Jeffrey Schrock