Opposes middle school as a high school addition

Letter to the Editor:

We recently received a flyer in the mail on the vote for a new middle school shown attached to the high high school.

There is no question we need a new middle school but attaching it to the high school is not the answer.

From the many people I have talked to, parents, grandparents, friends, etc. this is not the answer.

From what I’ve been told there is a drug problem in the high school. We are familiar with this problem from several years ago when our children were introduced to marijuana (the gateway drug.) This is not what children in middle school should be exposed to.

There is no doubt the middle school needs to be replaced- just the location for the replacement. Would it be feasible to use juvenile home property for this project?

From what I’ve been told there is some progress being made with the state for ownership of the juvenile home ground. I believe there is several acres just sitting there.

We will be voting NO for a new school attached to the high school. If the opportunity arises for a new building in Toledo we will vote yes.

Joyce Wiese

Rural Toledo