Eating crow

Letter to the Editor:

Crow is definitely not a delicious meal, but sometimes it is a necessary food source. My alarm about Iowa Public Employee Retirement Service the crow I now have to eat. Please know, however, that I would never purposely mislead. Before I published the letter and in order to make sure its content was accurate, I presented it to a source that I respected and who has been following all the developments concerning IPERS from the beginning and very closely. I was assured my letter was accurate. However, when the response to my letter was published, my source informed me that my concern about IPERS funds being moved was not correct as that provision was an earlier consideration and since that time had been dropped. Had, I known this, there certainly would never have been a letter.

I empathize with all who were frightened by the prospect of interference with IPERS because 1, too, was very upset and frightened.

I am happy that currently our retirement is safe. However, I believe we should all remain vigilant. There was and is no need for the legislature to have made or to make any changes to IPERS – they should leave it alone.

Anne Michael