South Tama Schools plan deserves consideration

Letter to the Editor:

South Tama Community Consolidate School District Plan Deserves the Community’s Consideration

Iowa Valley Community College benefits from a variety of mutually beneficial partnerships throughout our region. One of the most important has been our work with the South Tama County Community School District.

At our aptly named Partnership Center in Tama, we offer an alternative opportunity for students to complete their high school education and earn a diploma. This program has been incredibly helpful for students who may otherwise be at risk of dropping out of high school altogether. The difference the program has made for these young people-and that fact that so many of them go on to thrive after graduating-has been an enormous point of pride.

We also work with South Tama CCSD to deliver adult GED and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. Also housed at the Partnership Center, this program allows people of all ages and backgrounds to take the courses necessary to earn an equivalency degree, opening up numerous employment and postsecondary opportunities for them.

On Tuesday, March 3, South Tama CCSD residents can vote on two bond questions and a Revenue Purpose Statement. If voters approve all three measures, the district will build a new middle school to address significant space and facility needs in its schools.

As a member of this community myself, I have been impressed with the efforts of district leaders and the school board to engage the community in order to identify the best-possible solutions to the district’s facility challenges. I have watched as the board considered a range of options, doing its due diligence to land on a proposed solution that would not raise property taxes while providing long-term sustainability for the district.

South Tama Community Consolidate School District has set up a webpage, at www.southtamabond.org, where residents can learn more about the district’s needs and the solution on the ballot March 3. There are also dozens of answers to frequently asked questions on the page.

I want to thank South Tama School District for our wonderful partnership, and I look forward to a bright future of working together on efforts critical to our community. I encourage my fellow residents to learn more about the upcoming vote.

Dr. Kristie Fisher

Chancellor of Iowa Valley Community College