Take A Mulligan: Ye Olde Annual Pet Peeve column

Once a year this old dog has to shake the fleas out, get refreshed and just unload all of those testy little irritants, called “pet peeves” out in the open and move on.

So this column today is dedicated to pet peeves that haunt everyone. Here are a few of yours and then I’ll share a few of mine.

The most common pet peeves include:

Chewing your food loudly or for others to see. Hey, we believe you’re chewing so you don’t have to prove it.

Public displays of affection. A nice little kiss maybe but come on, any more is “eww.”

Everyone hates slow driving in the left lane on the interstate. It’s just rude!

And we all hate gossips. But we all sure love to listen, don’t we?

People walking their dogs and not picking up the dog poo. You know who you are.

Those people who take up the whole conversation. Take a breather fella.

Political opinions of celebrities.

And also, political analysts who feel it’s necessary to explain what the politician just said.

Chronically late people. Not just a few minutes but…

Here are a few of yours now…

Fred hates it when two or even three more cars keep going through the yellow light. Grrr.

Audrey just dislikes people who are Debbie Downers. She gets tired of your pessimistic attitude.

Roger is not too happy with speed cameras. Ha ha…I wonder why, Roger?

Marie feels it’s rude when others just rattle on and on while in the grocery line. Pay for it and go!

Helen wished more people would say thank you, please, excuse me or sorry more often. Please!

Deb, (my wife), is just not a happy camper because we’ve received the promise of spring only to get the deep freeze again and again.

Heather does not like people tailgating her on the highway. Pass her already.

Joe hates it when he hears and sees people talking to their TVs, toasters, microwaves, etc.

Wonder if they talk back?

Ok, here are a few of my pet peeves…

Pre-pay gas pumps. Hate ’em.

Bringing up politics in social situations. Just ain’t cool.

Those darn insurance commercials. I hate Emu/Li-Mu. Do they have to be that stupid?

Taking my French fries. Why didn’t you just order your own?

Potholes and mosquitoes.

Wearing your baseball cap backwards. Why?

And of course, my No. 1 annual pet peeve – wearing socks with your sandals. One or the other, geesh.

Well, there you have it. The annual pet peeve column. Did I get yours? Let me know at jsheda@indytel.com or call me at 319-327-4640.

John Sheda is the pastor at Living Water Church in Independence. He is a native of Chelsea and a South Tama County alumni (Class of 1969).