Letter to the Editor by John Anderson

As a candidate for the House of Representatives for the 72nd, here’s some of the multiple project I’d like to see happen.

Make the former Iowa Juvenile Home a corporate park. Since 14 UFOs buzzed the USS Saratoga, it’s a small leap, they have high end technology companies like General Atomics based in San Diego in their cross hairs. They’re equipping Navy ships with high powered lasers, we’d better not arrange our planes in a row like Pearl Harbor. I’d make it my number one priority to get them over here.

Global Climate Change is a fact. They say the industrial nations owe $34 trillion for past carbon mitigation. As a trained mechanical engineer, I’ll hustle to get the exorbitant cost figured out. The middle class is already being socked by both the rising cost of welfare and the exorbitant rich. As a veteran cheapskate, I’ll try my best to get an adequate and sufficient solution without breaking the piggy bank.

Last, we’ve argued a lot about drinking water.

I’ll get to the bottom of this too.

John Anderson