A student’s mortal enemy

Assigning homework does not good for students. Homework is just repetitive, useless, and a waste of time as many students would say. It really doesn’t do any good for a student’s learning if it isn’t done correctly, it may lead to cheating, and other negative things involving school work.

One reason teachers should do away with homework is because most students do bad on homework because they don’t know how to do it, therefore, they are practicing it wrong. If homework is for practice or to help understanding, how can it help with either of those if the student has done it wrong?

Another reason is because of time management. Even if a student knows how to do the homework, they may not get to it so their grade suffers. If parents have gotten their children involved in multiple things, those things may have extra work needed done, too. If every teacher assigns one assignment, that’s at least five assignments. If each takes 20 minutes to complete, that’s 100 minutes, or over an hour and a half. For most kids, there is practice to go to, church, family things, and other extracurricular activities. Children may not get home until six or seven at night, then eat supper. By the time things are done, only half of the assignments may be done before exhaustion or tiredness sets in. The point of homework is to learn the skills, right? So even if a student knows the skills, their grade may not reflect that because of homework assignments.

After a few assignments aren’t done, a few more may not be done the next night and the student falls farther behind. Trying to get old assignments done along with new ones take up a large chunk of time, then you add out of school activities, and unexpected things, and the day is almost over. Once the time comes to go to sleep, the time is late and sleep may be lost over the worry of these assignments. This happens everyday, causing a vicious cycle. Now, imagine your day being like that everyday. Could you do it?

So in conclusion, homework very rarely helps students. Without the teacher there to teach the skills, if students are confused, they are left on their own.