Unknown! What really happens on the internet?

Heavan Berinobis

Imagine a mother at a funeral of her daughter who had just recently died by hanging herself in her closet. This is only the beginning of something greater than teasing itself. This is partly how Pheobe Prince died. She was teased in school and also teased online. No one knows how she must have felt when she got E-Mails saying nasty stuff about her. She never told anyone not even her parents about what people had said about her. More teasing and more unfriendly E-Mails had been sent to her until finally she did what she thought was her best choice to solve this nonstop bullying. DEATH! People also do sexual harassment to others that make them feel very uncomfortable, and don’t think they are worth living so they also think about missing school, staying out past curfew or even SUCIDE! Many kids give threats and sexual harassment online and the other kids never tell their parents because their to scared that their parents would make it more worse for them.

Kids never think about this and at (www.incredibleinternet.com) it is said that kids usually think that most people are their friends and (Their Age) but most people liewhich is what a sex offender does just to find people and get kids and teens to believe that they are kind citizens of this state but really aren’t. Kids should really be more careful to who they make friends with and know most of the information about them because that is what they want to get the kids messed up with and which can later be trouble for the whole family. Parents should also check on their kids on the internet just to make sure their kids are not up to any trouble with another person such as a sex offender.

One last thing that has probably happened to parents who leave their computer open on a Shop-Online-Site as was also said at (www.incredibleinternet.com) kids are mostly up to no good especially when it comes to computers. Many kids don’t understand that a computer is not a toy and can do many harmful things but mostly kids think that it is all fun and games and no problems come after. Say you leave your computer on a Toys-R-Us site and go to add more veggies in your soup, your 8 year old daughter finds the computer and clicks on a Lifestyle Barbie Car that kids can drive that costs over $250 and presses buy. Now then a few days later you get a bill for something you don’t remember getting. That is what can happen when youdon’t remember to close the shopping site. That is the last reason computers are unsafe for kids and adults.

Editor’s Note: Heavan Berinobis is a 6th grade student at the South Tama Middle School in Toledo. She is one of five members of the 6th grade taking part in the National Day of Writing Program in the class of Laura Edwards. Asssiting in the project are teachers Amy Stotts and Shanna Goos.

One of the projects was to write an editorial. The four other student editorials will be published in upcoming issues of The News-Herald and Toledo Chronicle.