Dog Pawrk names, and etc.

This week’s Tama City Council Meeting

TAMA – On Monday’s sultry brow sweat of an evening, local citizens made their way down to the Tama City Council meeting. The meeting started with the discussion of sidewalks. The, as it was referred to, “Old Catholic Church,” which is currently being converted into a Christian school was approved to have its sidewalk moved for convenience.

Up next, was another bit of real estate discussion, with the Tama Venture LLC development agreement. This agreement was to move forward with plans for a new apartment building, but it all crashed and burned with a strange silence as no one on the council decided to second the motion.

There was much discussion over what will soon be the new Tama Dog Park. Work is still being done, posts for a fence have been put in, as well as some trees have been planted. A long list of possible names for the park was gathered from suggestions off Facebook. The names ranged from creative, to punny with ‘Pawrk’, to simply, ‘Tama Dog Park.’ A new small list of names will be made and then put back on Facebook as a poll to narrow the name search down.

The council awarded the job of fixing up a wall at the old paper mill building to the one company that put in a bid, Haughey Construction for $25,473.

Gretchen Haunus and Carrie Keenan were both approved to serve on the Tama Library board.

It was also approved to do a plat survey of part of the paper mill property. Some of the property may be sold off at a future time.

Adam Haughey was approved to be an intern in the Water Department. This is a program through the Iowa Rural Water Association, Adam will work 20 hours a week for 12 weeks.

Jerry Dolash passed his WasteWater One, so the council gave him a $1 raise.