Tama County Sheriff candidates answer questions, part two

Dvorak, Killian, Schmidt all seek the Republican nomination

Ahead of the Tuesday, June 4 Primary Election, Tama-Grundy Publishing correspondent Michael D. Davis sent questionnaires to all three candidates running in the Republican primary for Tama County Sheriff including Lucas Dvorak, 38, of rural Gladbrook; Trevor J. Killian, 48, of Toledo; and Casey Schmidt, 37, of Dysart. All three candidates are currently employed by the Tama County Sheriff’s Office: Dvorak and Killian as detectives/deputies, and Schmidt as a K9 deputy. Killian is also a Command Sergeant Major in the Army.

This is the second article in a two-part story; the first ran in last week’s papers.

No candidate filed paperwork for the Democratic primary in the race. The winner of the June 4 Republican primary will run in the General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2024.

11. What is something that you want the community to know about yourself?

Schmidt: I love Crocs, the Chicago Cubs, and golf cart rides around town with my family. I have a strong faith which is where my deep sense of integrity and humility derive. My faith also serves as a compass, guiding and directing through tough decisions and directions. “Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8

Tama County Sheriff Candidate, K9 Deputy Casey Schmidt.

After getting married to my wife Cady, and having three beautiful children, my perspective changed. My calling to be in law enforcement deepened exponentially. What I want for my family, I want for everyone else; being and feeling safe.

Killian: I’m proud to hold the rank of Command Sergeants Major and be serving in the United States Army for nearly 30 years. I have three Combat Deployments where I was awarded the “Bronze Star” during the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq, and two year long stateside mobilizations in support of combat operations. As a Deputy Sheriff for 25 years, I’m a member of the Law Enforcement Intelligence Network (L.E.I.N.), Firearms Instructor, and C.P.R. Instructor, member of the Marshall/Tama Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition, and a Detective. I will bring strong leadership to the Sheriff’s Office and will expect all deputies under me to be decisive, trustworthy, resilient, and have clear communication on and off duty. My community involvements include former member of the Traer Ambulance, Tama Ambulance as a E.M.T., and Tama Fire Department. I’m a member of the Tama Toledo Lions Club and Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (V.F.W.) in Tama.

Dvorak: It takes honesty and a backbone to truly uphold the law. Having lived in Tama County my entire life, I know thousands of its citizens. Each traffic ticket, arrest, and investigation takes the ability to act with a lack of bias one way or another. I have been consistent in my pursuit of justice in Tama County, and I have acted with honor. I take my duties very seriously which has led me to work closely with our current Sheriff and Sheriff Departments outside of our county. The cross-county collaboration that I have been a part of for many years will add a vital benefit to Tama County by leveraging the relationships I’ve fostered with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.

12. What is your favorite color?

Killian: Orange.

Tama County Sheriff Candidate, Detective/Deputy Trevor Killian.

Dvorak: Republican Red.

Schmidt: Sheriff Green!

13. If Tama County was an animal, what kind of an animal would it be?

Dvorak: If Tama County was an animal, I believe it would be a Bald Eagle. The Eagle is a symbol of strength, freedom, and leadership. The people of this county value resilience and pride in their heritage. This aligns well with the Bald Eagle’s identity.

Schmidt: A wolf. Wolves are the epitome of strength, unity, and resilience, especially in the face of adversity. Wolves take care of their own and are loyal to their pack.

Tama County Sheriff Candidate, Detective/Deputy Lucas Dvorak.

Killian: The lion as it is widely recognized as a symbol of strength due to its powerful physical attributes, cultural significance, and social behavior within prides.

14. Where is the farthest you’ve been from Tama County?

Schmidt: Jinotepe, Nicaragua. I was part of a short-term mission trip to an orphanage outside of the city in the tropical forest. It was a very humbling and fulfilling trip.

Killian: Sidney Australia and Iraq for the Army.

Dvorak: My family values traveling. I have been to many states in the United States and have traveled to the Caribbean.

15. If you could have dinner with one historical figure, who would it be and why?

Killian: General George S. Patton stands as a significant leader within the United States Army. Recognized for his strategic brilliance, strong leadership, and steadfast resolve, Patton was instrumental in multiple World War II campaigns. His assertive leadership approach and commitment to decisive actions have profoundly shaped military strategy and leadership principles.

Dvorak: There are many historical figures in the area of law enforcement that I could say; however, I think I’d say Dan Gable. Dan Gable is a legendary wrestler and wrestling coach. I would pick him because I value learning about mindset and mentality. He was a true winner and had the right mindset to have unrivaled wrestling achievements including an Olympic Gold Medal. He also had the ability to inspire others to accomplish goals and win. These are values that I share and want to continue promoting in my own life and with people I encounter. His resilience, determination and leadership are to be commended as well.

Schmidt: Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln embodied what it meant to have humility as the strongest leadership form. Lincoln had the hard conversations and looked objectively when it came to decision-making and relevant issues. Lincoln didn’t leave anyone out of the hard conversations.

16. Who do you think would win in a fight to the death, bigfoot or a werewolf?

Dvorak: Although I see positive characteristics about bigfoot such as him being mysterious, silent and possibly gentle (picture Harry and the Hendersons), I’d have to say I’d pick a werewolf in a fight. It’s never going to try to fool you that it’s something it isn’t. It will fight to the death in a straightforward manner.

Schmidt: The werewolf is quick and agile. Bigfoot is very large, and slower, but much stronger. Bigfoot is going to be the winner in this match. While the werewolf will have its moments, Bigfoot’s strength will ultimately prevail.

Killian: While both creatures are formidable, the werewolf’s speed, agility, and heightened senses could give it an edge in combat.

17. You are stranded on a desert island with one snack and one movie; what are they?

Schmidt: My wife Cady’s “Christmas Crunch” for a snack and for the movie, The Shawshank


Killian: Dr. Pepper and Black Hawk Down.

Dvorak: I’d have to pick some meat grilled over an open fire and the movie Rudy. It gets me everytime.

18. What’s your favorite food?

Killian: Tacos.

Dvorak: Some meat grilled over an open fire!

Schmidt: Chocolate Mint Brownies made by the one that made this all possible, Jodi Schmidt, my mom.

19. If you had a superpower, what superpower would you have?

Dvorak: I would take the power of being able to teleport. Being able to work on my farm in northern Tama County and then instantly be able to teleport to the scene of a crime would save some miles on my vehicle.

Schmidt: My superpower would be the ability to see the truth in every situation.

Killian: Time Travel

20. If voters wish to ask you a question, how would they contact you?

Schmidt: E-mail – info@schmidtforsheriff.com, or through my Facebook page – Casey Schmidt for Tama County Sheriff! I always enjoy people coming up and talking with me in person as well!

Killian: My phone number is 319-239-5228 and my email address is trevorkillian867@gmail.com.

Dvorak: We have a Facebook page set up. If they search Lucas Dvorak for Tama County Sheriff they could “like” the page and send me a message through Facebook Messenger. They could also email lucasdvorakforsheriff@gmail.com.