Public hearings and Bible readings

This week’s supervisors meeting

Tama County Administration Building, 104 W State St., Toledo, Iowa. -- File photo

TOLEDO – For the third week in a row, the main subject rattling around in the minds of those in attendance at the Monday supervisor’s meeting is the public comment ordinance. This was the third public hearing for the proposed ordinance, and multiple people stood up to speak out against it.

Many called the ordinance unnecessary and redundant. There also came up the subject of whether the other nine counties in the Heartland Insurance Risk Pool know about and/or are considering a similar ordinance. Only one response was received to an email that went out to all the supervisors of the nine counties on the subject of the ordinance.

Dale House, Chairman of the Van Buren County supervisors responded, saying, no, he has not heard of the ordinance before, no he had no opinion on the ordinance, and no Van Buren County is not currently considering this ordinance.

A Heartland Risk Pool meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 9, in which Tama County supervisors will be in attendance. Supervisor Dan Anderson assured the public that he would report back with the other counties’ opinions on the ordinance. For this week, the subject of the public comment ordinance has been tabled.

County Engineer Ben Daleske kicked off the meeting like he does every week with his report. The engineer said they are currently working on the chlorides before anything is put down, and the project on 220th Street will be getting started with the pouring of some concrete. The bridge crew will pour a new fuel pad, and also E49, T47, and E69 will be worked on to get their shoulders in shape. There is a chainsaw class this week, and next Monday the part-time mowers start.

The use of the courthouse lawn for Bible reading on June 24-28 and on July 14 was approved.

A tax re-assignment for Peebles was approved as well. Claims totaling $253,166.18 were approved.