Closing the streets

This week’s Tama City Council meeting

TAMA – The Tama City Council meeting moved the needle on the excitement meter just a tad throughout its evening business on Monday. The long list of council to-do’s started with the approval of four resolutions back to back to back to back.

The first resolution was to temporarily close Siegel Street between 3rd and 4th between May 15-19 for the carnival. Number two was for the temporary street closure of 3rd Street between State and Harmon on May 18 from noon to midnight, for an Eagles event.

The third resolution was for the temporary street closure of West 3rd Street between Siegel and McClellan from 5 p.m. on May 17 to 3 p.m. on May 18 for a Pump event. The last of the first four resolutions was for the temporary street closure of East 4th Street between Hall and Oswego on May 11 from 2 to 10 p.m., for the private use of the city’s Party Trailer.

Next up was a public hearing and resolution to get a Water Revenue Loan and Disbursement Agreement. The loan is for $424,100 to start planning and designing the new water treatment plant. The resolution was approved.

A general obligation loan was approved for multiple projects. A public hearing was set for May 20 at 5:30 pm for the zoning change of 1109 E. 5th St. A DSG tool, which automatically turns a wrench to open and shut valves, was approved for purchase at a cost of $2,699.99, which is in the budget.

A contract with Snyder was approved for water plan improvements, which among other things, will involve a reverse osmosis pilot program. The back wall of the office building at the old papermill was approved to be sealed up as it is just a temporary wall. Bids will be taken for the work.

A public hearing was set for the next council meeting on the 20th for budget amendments. A decision to alter 5th Street and add a curve was approved.

The council approved getting new ventilators for EMS, which is budgeted for next year. Two old city trucks were sold, a red one and an Orange one, the city took bids. The council approved selling the red one to Andrew Haughey for $500 and the Orange one to Dustin Wright for $600.

The council went on to approve Judy Womack and Jimmy Hicklin to join the Fire Department, but not before having a little fun with them, jokingly interviewing the two. Womack was asked to tell the council one thing they don’t know. and after thinking for a minute, Womack said with a laugh that she couldn’t think of anything clean.

Jimmy was asked who his hero was, and why. Hicklin stated his hero is his Mom because of her hard work ethic, honesty, and the fact that if he disappoints her, he knows he really screwed up. These answers satisfied the council, and Womack and Hicklin were approved to join the Fire Department.

The final bit of business of the meeting was the downtown Tama sidewalks. Marty Hardon was around to discuss this project which will hopefully start soon. The plan is to fix up the sidewalks, not only changing the brick, but putting in some planters, bushes, and possibly some trees.

The head of the Tama Public Works Department, Stuart Eisentrager, talked about possibly doing one side of one block a year.

Hardon talked about the trip hazard bricks that make up the downtown sidewalks, and he mentioned that you may think they are beautiful but they are dysfunctional. The council approved going forward with the project, and to take bids.