Cameras and felonies

This week’s Toledo city council meeting

Wolfcom was the main topic of this week’s Toledo Council meeting. Wolfcom is the Toledo Police department’s previous camera system. The police department switched systems mid-last year.

Four to five years’ worth of footage from the old cameras are stored on Wolfcom’s cloud. Toledo’s access to Wolfcom’s cloud ends in March unless they pay the approximately $3,500 subscription fee, which is not budgeted. The city of Toledo’s legal council recommended holding onto access to the cloud for at least another year. The subject was tabled until the next meeting when Chief Dan Quigley will have more information on the subject.

The chief also reported that between Jan. 22 and Feb. 11, the department responded to 228 calls for service and affected 10 arrests. Of the 10 arrests, there were 23 charges filed, eight of which were felonies.

The chief also talked about how the department had responded to a report of a missing juvenile and was able to have a suspect in custody in just 22 minutes, with the assistance of the Tama Police Department and the Tama sheriff’s office. In that case, the Toledo Police Department charged 62-year-old Reynol Martinez with harboring a runaway (aggravated misdemeanor), kidnapping in the third degree (Class C felony), theft in the second degree (Class D felony), and forgery (felony).

The Tama police department also filed charges against Martinez. The Toledo Police Department has spent approximately 56 man-hours on the investigation into Martinez, and the investigation is still ongoing.

“I just wanna give credit to our department for the work they put into that investigation. If that individual was not found as quickly as we could’ve, that kid could have been out of state,” Quigley said.

The Toledo PD also arrested Naomi Winders for theft in the first degree related to a reported theft from Pinnacle Bank. Another individual was charged with four counts of lotto theft among other charges. The department also served 11 nuisance abatement warnings to residences regarding junk and junk vehicles.

The Public Works department reported they got their new one-ton truck all set up. They’ve also received some complaints about dirt turned up in some yards due to the snowplows. They have been starting to work on outside projects. The public works director also has a meeting with the county engineer about funding for a bridge project.

In the end, the meeting went into a closed session.