Adelyn Sienknecht is State Fair bound as 2023 Tama County Fair Queen

Adelyn Sienknecht, a rising senior at GMG and this year’s Tama County Fair Queen speaks about the pros and cons of social media use by teens and adolescents as part of her candidate speech during Tuesday’s Opening Ceremony held in the show ring on the fairgrounds in Gladbrook. PHOTO BY RUBY F. MCALLISTER

GLADBROOK – The Crowning of the 2023 Tama County Fair Queen took place on Tuesday evening, July 11, at the Tama County 4-H Fairgrounds in Gladbrook.

Mistresses of Ceremonies for the evening were 2022 Tama County Fair Queen, Kaylynn Murty, and 2021 Tama County Fair Princess, Kaylea Duden.

Candidates for the 2023 competition were Adelyn Sienknecht, daughter of Randy and Melissa Sienknecht from Gladbrook, and Emily Hulme, daughter of Sam and Jenny Hulme from Clutier.

The girls began the process with applications due June 1. A workshop was held later in June at the State Bank of Toledo Community Room in Toledo to prepare the girls for judging. Convertibles provided by the Shriners carried the girls in the Corn Carnival parade.

Judging took place on July 9 at Spanky’s Restaurant in Gladbrook. Judges were Jessie Alt from Madrid, Mary Glaspie, from Marengo and Rylee Sash, from Ames. The girls took part in a group discussion led by 2022 Tama County Fair Queen, Kaylynn Murty, daughter of Ashley and Tim Murty from Tama. They were also interviewed individually. After a short break, a wonderful luncheon was served by the Wolfcreek Whirlwinds 4-H Club.

Before the luncheon, the girls gave a 3-5 minute speech that they prepared from a list of choices provided by the committee. The girls and their guests were excused and the judges retired to make their decision. Their choices for queen and princess were sealed in envelopes that were opened at the crowning ceremony.

2021 Princess, Kaylea Duden welcomed the crowd of spectators and thanked those who made the evening possible. Sponsors included Tama County Fair Board, State Bank of Toledo, Tama Florist, Ultimate Image, Peace Church of Gladbrook, Wolfcreek Whirlwinds 4-H Club, Farmers Savings Bank & Trust-Traer, Country Hair Creations/Barb Wieben, Goos Implement, Retro Rooster, Independent Insurance-Toledo, Mid-Iowa Coop, Hometown Foods, Brit Marie’s Country Boutique, Heather Warren/Day in the Sun, Nucara-Traer, Mandy & Taylor Lekin, A Wild Hair, Katelyn and Kath Kucera, Real Deals/Marshalltown, Raymonds Stateion, Elsyian Spa, Rugged Edge Cuts, Tama Livestock, Dollar Fresh, Katie Kupka/El Luna Co, Brick a Brack, It’s Better Freeze Dried, Next Generation Ag, Kaily Shope/Kailey’s Photography, and Deb Kupka.

Queen Kaylynn, then joined Kaylea at the podium. Convertibles were provided by Grant Strohbehn, Brett Miller, and Tim Murty. They introduced the candidates one by one with their escorts. Escorts were Levi Zobel, Ryan Husak, and Clayton Boldt with Jay Bru being doorman. Each candidate presented her speech to the crowd.

Then came the moment the crowd had been awaiting, crowning the 2023 Tama County Fair Queen. The sealed envelopes were then opened revealing the judges’ results.

Amid cheers from the crowd, the envelope was opened revealing Adelyn Sienknecht, had been chosen to serve as the 2023 Tama County Fair Queen. Adelyn was presented with the crown, sash, gift bag and bouquet of roses.

Emily Hulme was crowned Princess and was presented a sash, tiara and gift bag.

Watch for Adelyn at the State Fair beginning August 11. The crowning will take place Saturday, August 12, at 7:00 p.m. on the Anne and Bill Riley Stage.