South Tama Music Department set to depart for Los Angeles

The STC Music Boosters played an ever important role in providing the students with an exhilarating and educational experience with this trip.

From June 2-6 students from South Tama’s Band and Choir will begin an exciting adventure in Los Angeles and Anaheim, Calif.

Traditionally the STC Music Department has taken a large trip every four years, however with the rippling effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic the traditional schedule has been thrown off the past few years.

Planned originally for the summer of 2021, the massive trip has seen multiple delays and adjustments. Smaller senior class trips to Chicago and Nashville were put together for the class of 2021 and 2022.

These massive trips are the result of years of work from members of the STC Music Boosters in tandem with fundraising from students.

“This trip doesn’t happen without the hard work and dedication of the Music Boosters and those involved in organizing fundraisers, membership drives, and providing input into the trips. We experienced a turn over in Music Booster leadership recently, so there are many people to thank, MaryJo Cherveny, Cindy Hill, Brenda Sonderleiter, Colleen Probasco, Joy Schirmer, Emily Babinat, Katie Hulin, Sue Carnahan, Camara Cosgrove, Susan Houghton, to name only a few,” STC High School Band DIrector Mike Carnahan said. “There are many individuals to show our appreciation to for their countless hours and dedication to seeing these events through. They’re not easy to plan and I think we have been fortunate to have an incredible team.”

Multiple years of fundraising was lost due to the state of the world after the pandemic. Effects can be felt in the band with far less students participating in the major trip this year. Around 30 Band and Choir students are set to make the trip compared to around 75 in 2017 who went to New York City.

“The biggest struggle has been individual fundraising with the COVID years, meaning we just didn’t have enough opportunities for them, which is one factor why many students may not have chosen to go along. There are other factors, too, such as falling out of the routine of a four year trip.” said Carnahan

On this year’s trip to California students will have amazing opportunities and get to make fun memories on the West Coast. Some highlights for the group include

experiencing flight in their trip to the Golden State

Seeing the musical Six performed live

A concert by the Pacific Symphony

Time in Disneyland and California Adventure

Participating in a Soundtrack Session Workshop

Tour of Hollywood and Warner Brothers Studios

Carnahan thanks various members of the school district on behalf of the entire music department.

“The Administration and School Board have both been very supportive of our trips and the adjustments we have had to make in recent years. We know that without their support, these important opportunities and experiences for our students couldn’t happen. We owe a lot to them for their trust in us and backing our plans.”

The group will set off on their five day trip early Friday morning.