Middle School Young Women of the Year 2021-2022

6th grade recipients of middle school women of the year awards; Neavah Buffalo (left), Layla Pansegrau, Isabella Bear, Cashia Kapayou, Abriella Bullshoe, Nahliya Pushetonequa, and Lupita De La Torre-Ange (right).
7th grade recipients of middle school women of the year awards; Taylor Dolezal (left), Dorothy Bear, Eva Roberts, Ruby Gomez, Amyla Sheridan, Madyson Boriskey, Olivia Bradley, Karsyn Wolf (right).
8th grade recipients of middle school women of the year awards; Kira Henle (left), Elizabeth Balderas, Lily Wacha, Daelia Lasley, Edith Mora-Martinez, Ashlyn Kapayou, Madeline Paxton, Jaycene Pushetonequa (right).

Sunday, May 1 may have been gloomy and cool on the outside, but inside the Reinig Center there were only warm, sunny smiles as the families of 24 middle school girls gathered for the presentation of academic awards.

Last held in 2019 due to COVID, the annual Middle School Young Women of the Year awards event was once again hosted by the local branch of The American Association of University Women. AAUW’s mission is to break through educational and economic barriers for girls and women by advancing equity through education, advocacy, philanthropy, and research. This awards event strives to recognize young women in grades six through eight who attend South Tama County Middle School and Meskwaki Settlement School who are developing their diverse talents and abilities while demonstrating excellence in the classroom.

The afternoon’s program opened with President Joyce Legg delivering the welcoming remarks. Group photographs were taken of the recipients, followed by a dessert and appetizer buffet prepared by AAUW members and enjoyed by nearly 100 attendees.

AAUW members Carol Meyer, Berleen Wobeter, Joanna Hofer, and Karen Mixdorf had the honor of introducing the individual recipients by reading aloud the letter of nomination composed by the girl’s teacher who had detailed the nominee’s accomplishments and attributes which defined her as an outstanding student. Each girl received a framed certificate, a special bookmark, and the nomination letter.

Honored for achievement in math were:

STC 6th grader Cashia Kapayou, daughter of Jordan Kapayou

STC 7th grader Ruby Gomez, daughter of Neidy Rivera

STC 8th grader Lily Wacha, daughter of Bryan Wacha and Angie Wacha

MSS 6th grader Isabella Bear, daughter of Matt Bear and Shoshonis Brown

MSS 7th grader Eva Roberts, daughter of Ira and Lana Roberts

MSS 8th grader Daelia Lasley, daughter of Antonia Reitinger

Honored for achievement in Social Studies were:

STC 6th grader Layla Pansegrau, daughter of Nikki Pansegrau

STC 7th grader Taylor Dolezal, daughter of Darron and Elizabeth Dolezal

STC 8th grader Kira Henle, daughter of Adam Henle and Trudy Dunsmoor

MSS 6th grader Nevaeh Buffalo, daughter of Nader and Yvondra Buffalo

MSS 7th grader Dorothy Bear, daughter of Jarvis and Jessica Bear

MSS 8th grader Elizabeth Balderas, daughter of Dean and Alana Kapayou