Tama Council Q&A: Randy Fairchild

2021 City Council Candidate Randy Fairchild

Tama City Council Candidate: Randy Fairchild

Age: 64

Profession: Retired

Education: High School

Family: Two daughters and a grandchild

What motivated you to run for this office?

I will represent everyone fairly. I have the time to put into it. Make people accountable.

What qualities and behaviors should school board/city council members and mayors exhibit?

Being courteous and professional. Listen to the people. My phone number is available and I welcome all calls. I will check on every city department on a regular basis.

What do you see as the primary roles and responsibilities for the position you are running for?

To be accessible to the public. To see the tax dollars spent wisely.

How would you handle requests if approached by an individual? Special interest group?

Be courteous and have an open mind.

Why is it important for people to vote in school board/city elections?

So you say in what’s in office.

What challenges do you see small, rural communities like yours facing today as compared to larger cities and suburbs? What do you plan to do to help meet those challenges as a city council member?

Get more affordable housing. Feeling comfortable going into city hall. Better feelings between city hall and the people.

Why should people vote for you on November 2, 2021?

I will be a strong voice. I will be fair to all the people.