Tama Council Q&A: Kristy Eisentrager

2021 Tama City Council Candidate Kristy Eisentrager

Tama City Council Candidate: Kristy Eisentrager

Age: 34

Profession: Chairside Surgical Assistant

Education: Dental Courses at Marshalltown Community College

Family: Two sons, Cole 17 and Ayden 9

What motivated you to run for this office?

I am committed to change for our community and advocating for changes to benefit all the citizens.

What qualities and behaviors should school board/city council members and mayors exhibit?

Qualities and behaviors that should be exhibited of a school board/city council member or mayor, are being representative of all the people, and trustworthy.

What do you see as the primary roles and responsibilities for the position you are running for?

Primary roles and responsibilities for city council to me, means coming together as a group to make resolutions and change while being responsive to the citizens we serve.

How would you handle requests if approached by an individual? Special interest group?

I would strive to have a positive working relationship with all individuals and if my heart and mind agree, I would lead with that, but not get stampeded into action by strong demands.

Why is it important for people to vote in school board/city elections?

I think it is very important for people to get out and vote for these elections, so their voices may be heard and to help advocate for the change they want to see.

What challenges do you see small, rural communities like yours facing today as compared to larger cities and suburbs? What do you plan to do to help meet those challenges as a city council member/mayor?

Many of the challenges I see are the declining of rural populations and loss of farms and working lands. Declining of downtowns and loss of community character. I hope to work hard to protect these things that people love about the place where they live. I hope to preserve the open space and natural beauty and the historic character. I hope to help in these areas from an economic standpoint.

Why should people vote for you on November 2, 2021?

I believe you should vote for me to help bring fresh new ideas to this community where I was born and raised, where I continue to raise my family and volunteer my time to make Tama a better place for our future.