Clutier Czech festivities set for Aug. 6 and 7

The Clutier Lodge 104, chartered in 1901 will celebrate their 120th anniversary during the Bohemian Plum Festival on Aug. 7.

The new Lodge was named “Cestri Bratri” or “Bohemian Brothers”.

Charter members included Vincent Kosnar, Vaclav Pavlicek, Steve Adamek, Joe Smolik, Frank Cherveny, Frank Hach, Joseph Novotny, Julia Adamek, Agnes Kosnar, Caroline Sramek, Marie Pecenka, John Cherveny, John Vesely, Frank Kremanek Sr., Joseph Dostal, John Vochoska, John Yilek, Joseph Suchy, Joseph Pecenka, Emma Houska, Anna Novak, Rosie Vlasek and Frances Vochoska.

Several other ZCBJ Lodges were chartered in the area at Vining, Traer, Irving and Chelsea. The Clutier Lodge 104 is the only active lodge remaining and is one of 11 lodges in the state of Iowa.

The Clutier Lodge is also the only Lodge in the state that still has a lodge hall.

The lodge first held their meetings in a room above the Clutier State Bank. Within a year, the growing Czech membership no long had enough room for meetings and socializing and the decision was made to build a lodge hall.

Today, the ZCBJ Lodge still holds their meetings and events in the hall that was built 119 years ago.

It is truly a tribute to to the workmanship of our Czech ancestors who made the decision to build their lodge hall in the town of Clutier.

It seemed fitting and proper when the decision was made in 2019 to begin the process of preserving the hall, completing the first phase which was a new metal roof in 2020. The front windows including the arched window will be replaced this year to complete the second phase. The third phase is to improve the exterior of the building.

The 120th Lodge celebration will include the “Curtain of History” Parade, Old Clutier Band Concert Music, Free Bike Giveaway and an Anniversary Cake. Other festival events will include kids games, silent auction, a meal at the ZCBJ Hall and more.

On Aug. 6 a concert with Barefoot Becky will start at 7 p.m. on Main Street in Clutier. There will be food and a Czech bakery sale starting at 5 p.m.

Events co-hosted by Bohemian Plum Festival Concert and ZCBJ Lodge.