Golden Achievement awards to middle school students

5th Grade: Lakyr Peska, Luke Schlabaugh, Ava Boldt, Shelby Johannsen Photos Provided
6th Grade: Kyle Youngbear, Alexis Thiessen, Grace Gomez, Caleb Reece
7th Grade: Tanner Large, Maria Lagunas, Madeline Paxton, Brooks Baier
8th Grade: Edy Werner, Leland Hamilton-Youngbird, Janette Cervantes, Alexander Babinat

The pandemic changed the usual celebration for middle school students this year. The banquet for students, families and the Kiwanian members could not be held; therefore, Kiwanis’ President Mary Fasse-Shaw presented the awards at the school with Principal Ben Adams and Assistant Principal Scott Bolen assisting.

These students were recognized by their teachers for their leadership and academic work. It is unfortunate that the full celebration could not be held, but our communities’ students continue to achieve in these trying times and deserve recognition.

The following are the 2021 STC Middle School Golden Achievement Award recipients.