Romance in Bloom prom preparations underway

Prom Court 2021 Front row: Dulce Murillo, Joselin Nunez, Morgan Haughey, Shelby Slaven, Sydney Parizek, Ashlynn Ellenbecker; second row: Kobe Van Dee, Brady Knode, Eli Keahna, Kalem Schrock, Devon Slagle and Jhonny Nunez. Photo Provided

With few guarantees in the 2020-21 school year, prom was at the top of the list of events

students were hoping would not be canceled or changed. It was announced on Thursday, Mar. 4

that the 2021 prom preparations were moving forward in hopes to successfully host this year’s

prom Romance in Bloom.

“We are glad the school is allowing us to have prom and we will do whatever we have to

do to keep everyone safe. Every decision we make is for the safety of our students,” prom

sponsor Marlys Upah said.

The committee had to make many adjustments this year due to the COVID pandemic.

With limited space at the Reinig Center, the dance will be held in the high school gym.

The Grand March will be held outdoors on the track weather permitting. If weather forces the

cancellation of the Grand March, King and Queen will be announced at the beginning of the dance

in the gym.

After Prom is hosted by volunteer junior parents and will be held at the Wieting Theatre this year due to COVID. Safety precautions will also be followed.

The pandemic also limited fundraising opportunities for the junior prom committee.

Traditionally, prom committee is responsible for raising money to cover the cost of any prom

expenses. Fundraisers often include dodgeball and middle school dances. But due to COVID,

these fundraisers were not possible. With the limited funds, the committee is using some of the

decorations and money raised from last year’s prom that was canceled.

“I have always looked forward to helping with the fundraisers as a prom committee

member, so I was disappointed when we didn’t get to have any. I’m just glad we are having a

dance even though I’m going to miss the experience of having a regular prom,” said junior

Kailee Meek.

After initially deciding only STC students grades 9-12 would be able to attend,

administration reconsidered their position on outside guests and are now allowing them to attend.

STC High School Principal, Mark Groteluschen, shared there will be guidelines to follow in order to bring guests. All guests must

be under the age of 21 and will need to provide photo ID to enter the prom. The STC student,

guest, and an administrator from the guests school will have to fill out a guest form if possible or

guests will need to provide proof of high school graduation. It is estimated that 15-25 outside

guests will attend. It is important to remember that the high school administration has the right to

deny any requests.

Putting the students’ safety first, the county positivity rate and any COVID outbreaks will

be looked at closely until April 24. With the ongoing pandemic students should continue making

wise decisions so that there are no spikes in positive cases. If there are any outbreaks or spikes it

is possible that prom could be canceled.

“I’m glad administration supports us and sees how much our students value

the importance of prom. Last year was disappointing for so many people and I didn’t want this

year’s seniors to miss prom for the second year in a row,” Upah said.