Toledo woman charged with assault, child endangerment

Elizabeth Bullshoe

Elizabeth Bullshoe, 34, was charged with going armed with intent, assault with a dangerous weapon, willful injury resulting in bodily injury, possession of methamphetamine, driving while license was denied and two counts of child endangerment stemming from an incident March 1.

Bullshoe was in the kitchen of Trailer #12 at Doug’s Trailer Court in Toledo when a fight broke out between Kiedis Old Bear and James Bullshoe.

According to police reports, Bullshoe armed herself with a knife and engaged in the altercation. Leo Bullshoe III stated Elizabeth Bullshoe attempted to stab him.

Bullshoe was also charged with child endangerment. Her son, a minor, was present and witnessed the altercation.

Bullshoe was found in possession of drug paraphernalia and methamphetamine along with a glass pipe and a baggie of green leafy substance located on the floor of the vehicle she drove to pick up her son from school.

Bullshoe made an initial appearance in court March 22 where she pled not guilty and was held on a $2,000 bond. Bullshoe is being represented by Eric Eshelman. Arraignment is scheduled for April 8.