Drive in theatre coming to STC

The STC spring play cast will present Noises Off April 8, 9 and 10 drive-in style at the STC Elementary. Allison Graham/News Chronicle

The South Tama Thespians have come up with a creative new way to share their spring play performance with an audience.

Noises Off, a play by Michael Frayn will be presented by the STC Theatre Department drive-in style.

The play is scheduled to run April 8, 9 and 10.

Noises Off has been called the funniest farce ever written. It’s an out of control look at the egos of actors rehearsing a play within a play flop called Nothing’s On.

Main characters include Lloyd Dallas played by Evan Glockl and Dotty Otley played by Jalyssa Rozevink. Sydney Parizek, Luis Avalos, Morgan Haughey, Jonah Houghton, Kobe Van Dee also play key characters.

The play is being directed by Dixie Forcht with the help of Darcy Lamb. The costumer is Ruth Ann Kosbau and Shane Manful is building the set.

Forcht chose Noises Off partly because it has a smaller cast and she is trying to keep everyone healthy during the pandemic.

The exciting part for Forcht has been working at the Wieting Theatre.

The group has had to face some obstacles including discovering the lights were destroyed by the derecho and the operating board system was also damaged. They just got the board functioning this week.

A grant received from the federal government has made the use of the Wieting Theatre possible for the school. Due to the grant the school got a decreased rental agreement to use the Wieting.

The Wieting was needed as the play calls for a two story set and the stage at the Little Theatre only goes 10 feet high. They would have had to change the show if they couldn’t use the Wieting.

The production will be filmed next week for the audience. The play will then be shown on a 24 foot drive-in movie theatre screen at the Elementary Parking lot.

Sound will be broadcast by a radio fm transmitter to the stereo in your vehicle.

Forcht requests all who attend to stay in their vehicles during the show. The whole point of offering the show in this manner is for social distancing and keeping everyone safe.

Ticket information

Tickets can be purchased online at onthestage.com. Tickets can be purchased by the car load and are $20 a vehicle.