S.T.A.R. program available for local ag producers

Managing nutrient loss and protecting soil from water runoff can greatly enhance the future of Tama County ag production and help better position farmers in the expanding sustainability marketplace.

That’s why Tama Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) is introducing S.T.A.R., a free tool that assists local ag producers who want to target best practices for their operation. The tool rates each of a producer’s fields based upon the soil conservation and water quality practices being used.

With S.T.A.R., there is potential for increased net farm income and reduced crop insurance premiums. It also offers a chance to leverage premiums from farm markets demanding increasing proof that products be sustainably grown. A producer’s favorable S.T.A.R. rating may also play a role in his/her selection for a landowner’s new farmland leases.

Tama SWCD Board Chair Jack Boyer says of Tama County, “We have a culture of respect for the land here, with an understanding that farming is a business.” says Boyer. “The S.T.A.R program works to sustain the land through workable conservation practices, while potentially increasing productivity and net profitability. It takes a commitment to accomplish those goals. S.T.A.R. is a path forward.”

To learn more about S.T.A.R. and how to develop a sustainable farming strategy that gives back tremendous rewards, visit https://cdiowa.org/s-t-a-r/ or email Carlee Sabus at carlee@cdiowa.org or call Tama SWCD at 641-484-2702, extension 3.