All-State announced

STC Large Group Speech students gathered in the Little Theatre, Wednesday, Feb. 17 to find out who would earn All-State honors. Pictured are Adelaide Christy, Consuelo Diego, Jonathan Meyer, Libby Albright (seated), Evan Glockl, and Luis Avalos. Allison Graham/News Chronicle

South Tama Speechies anxiously gathered together last Wednesday for the reveal of who would earn All-State Honors for Large Group Speech.

Starting at 4 p.m. speechies the STC Little Theater was abuzz with students hitting refresh on the Iowa High School Speech Association website where the announcement would be made.

After 20 minutes of waiting and refreshing the results were in.

Earning All-State honors were two of the ensemble acting pieces, one performed by Libby Albright and Luis Avalos and another performed by Kobe Van Dee and Itzel Herrera.

Albright and Avalos-Fonseca were honored for their performance of The Pequod Meets the Ocean Steward by Bridget Duta Portman.

STC’s Libby Albright Facetime’s Itzel Herrera to tell her she and her acting partner earned All-State honors. Photo Provided by Luis Avalos

Van Dee and Herrera were honored for their performance of The Field So Asphodel by Aubrey Severino.

Road to All-State

The road to All-State began in January. South Tama took 11 events to the Large Group District contest. Each event then advanced to the State contest held Feb. 6.

Advancing to State were:

One-Act Play – The House of Bernarda Alba by Frederico Garcia Lorca adapted by Emily Mann. Cast: Sydney Parizek, Itzel Herrera, Morgan Haughey, Peyton Van De Walle, Riley Grimes, Kalista Koster, Consuelo Diego, Libby Albright, Adelaide Christy and Tyler Moran.

Luis Avalos and Libby Albright were two students who earned All-State honors for their ensemble acting piece. They were coached by Darcy Lamb (center). Allison Graham/News Chronicle

Reader’s Theatre – Horse Girls by Jenny Rachel Weiner. Cast: Hope Werner, Sydney Parizek, Kailee Meek, Peyton Van De Walle, Terri Popelka, Morgan Haughey, Jimena Nunez and Gracie Vest.

Ensemble 1 – The Fields of Asphodel by Aubry Saverino. Cast: Kobe Van Dee and Itzel Herrera.

Ensemble 2 – The Pequod Meets the Ocean Steward by Bridgette Dutta Portman. Cast: Luis Avalos and Libby Albright.

Ensemble 3 – Skull (Less three and Twenty) by Jason Gray Platt. Cast: Hope Werner and Taylor Moran.

Radio Broadcasting KNHB – New Historical Broadcasting. Cast: Taylor Moran and Tyler Moran.

TV News Know – 2020 News. Cast: Riley Grimes, Kailee Meek, Lucas Van De Walle, Haley Pansegrau, Jonah Houghton, Gracie Vest, Jimena Nunez,

Choral Reading – This is the Way the World Ends by Various Poets. Cast: Luis Avalos, Kobe Van Dee, Salvador Diego, Jonah Houghton and Lucas Van De Walle.

Short Film – Love at First Sight

Musical Theatre – Matilda by Tim Minchin. Cast: Evan Glockl, Liliana Espinoza, Consuelo Diego and Kalista Koster.

Solo Mime – “Last Friday Night”. Cast: Evan Glockl

Due to COVID-19 there will not be an in person or virtual performances this year.