Five things to know from Tama Council

1. Tama council met Monday, Feb. 1. The council unanimously approved the max tax levy for fiscal year 2022, hearing no verbal or written comments. The max tax levy increased more than 102% but the tax levy rate will go down so ultimately citizens will be paying .23 cents per thousand dollars less in tax after approval of the final budget.

2. The council held a public hearing for the second amendment to Revitalization Plan for revitalization Area No. 3. No comments from the community were heard. The council then approved the resolution. The council heard the first reading of Ordinance 598 which pertains to the revitalization plan and renewing current urban renewal plan. No changes were made. The ordinance was adopted. The second and third readings were waived.

3. Tama Police Chief Jason Bina reviewed the new radio system and the option of having a city channel for the public works department. A quote from Racom for the radio system of $1,396.25 was submitted. The council will continue discussion at the next meeting to determine if radios for public works is necessary.

4. Changes to the Aquatic Center 28E were discussed. Toledo Public Works Director, Kendall Jordan, requested that public works be notified if there are any equipment emergencies. Since Tama does not have a public works director the two mayors will approve any emergency purchases that may need to be made.

5. The council reviewed a bid from Iowa Pump Works to consider replacing three pumps at the lift station of the sewer plant. The total bid came to $124,592.50.

In other business

• the council approved Susan Seller as a volunteer for the Ambulance EMT

• In reports council member Matt Beatty said he would like the council to look at the current city website and give any suggestions for change to the city clerk. Doug Ray would like to discuss issues with ice on streets, curbs and sidewalks at the next meeting.