Toledo fireworks display a blast in 2020

Toledo and Tama Fire and EMS Department volunteers worked most of the day on July 4th preparing the annual fireworks display. Pictured Kneeling (L-R): Clay Morris (Toledo Fire/EMS), Jesse Brown (Toledo Fire/EMS), Brad Meek (Toledo Fire/EMS), Dirk Henle (Toledo Fire/EMS), Tyler Stanton (Toledo Fire/EMS); Standing (L-R): Darrin Blocker (Toledo Fire/EMS), Kendall Jordan (Toledo Fire/EMS), Donovan Horne (Tama Fire), Stuart Eisentrager (Tama Fire), Todd Sebesta (Toledo Fire/EMS), Darrell Niedermann (Toledo Fire/EMS). Not Pictured: Jake Johannsen, Greg Johnson, Pat Ryan, Curt Raue, Thomas Ohman, Eric Haughey, and Nick Peshel

The annual July 4th fireworks show in Toledo took place again this year, but not without several hours of planning and many volunteers to lend a hand. This year’s show was set up with an electronic system that was new to the Toledo and Tama Fire Department event organizers.

The electronically fired show is much more time and labor intensive to set up and tear down, however it only takes a few people to fire the show, which makes for a safer experience for the volunteer crew.

The process begins in February with the ordering and selecting of the fireworks shells. Then once everything arrives, equipment is tested a week ahead of the July 4th holiday.

Toledo Fire Chief Kendall Jordan shared that all of the fireworks volunteers spent two days in training to learn how to safely set up and fire the show. Over the years the number of volunteers stepping forward to help with the fireworks display has diminished to a bare minimum according to Jordan. They were fortunate this year to have July 4th land on a Saturday when more individuals are available to assist. When the holiday falls on a weekday Jordan reported that it’s much more difficult to recruit the volunteers needed.

The fireworks are purchased from J&M Displays out of Yarmouth, Iowa. They build the show using the budgeted amount of $8,000.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in volunteering for future July 4th fireworks displays, you are encouraged to contact either the Toledo or Tama city fire departments for more details.