Tama County Farm Bureau partners with local cattlemen and Fareway to bring shoppers “T-Bone Tuesdays”

It’s no secret that Iowans love meat. Iowa Farm Bureau’s Food and Farm Index found 98 percent of Iowan grocery shoppers add beef to their shopping cart, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates this year Americans will eat more red meat than ever. In the spirit of giving consumers what they want, the Tama County Farm Bureau has partnered with the Tama County Cattlemen s Association and the Toledo Fareway to give Iowans the chance to win steaks.

Not only does the cattle industry positively impact our local community, but beef is a great tasting protein that provides us with essential nutrients, said cattle farmer and Farm Bureau member Tyler Beenken. In just one 3 oz. cooked serving, you re getting 10 essential nutrients, including about Ω your daily value for protein.

Proteins found in beef are considered high quality. A single 3-oz serving of beef provides our bodies with 25 grams of protein, which is half the recommended Daily Value. Research has also shown that combined with exercise, eating lean beef as part of a healthy, higher-protein diet can help a person lose weight while maintaining muscle.

During the month of May, each T-Bone Tuesday, Fareway will draw the name of one lucky shopper who will win a pack of four T-bones. No purchase is necessary to enter the drawing which can be entered by visiting the meat counter. Winners will be contacted via phone by the county Farm Bureau.

“We’re getting into those warmer grilling months that Iowans love,” said John Keenan, Fareway’ s meat department manager. “I think our customers are really going to love this promotion that puts one of their favorite summer meats in the spotlight. Who doesn’t want to win some T-bones? “

Watch the Tama County Facebook page for more beef facts and to see photos of the T-Bone Tuesday winners.