South Tama School Board meets tonight Monday, May 4

The South Tama School Board will meet in special session electronically and at the South Tama Partnership Center beginning at 5 p.m. tonight, May 4

Dr. Smith will be present at the Partnership Center Gymnasium for citizens who plan to attend in person and will limit the number in attendance

The meeting will be held electronically through Google Hangouts.

The meeting can be accessed in “real-time” by any community member by accessing the following link:



I. Call to Order Penny Tyynismaa, Board President

II. Roll Call and Declaration of Quorum Mary Boege, Board Secretary

III. Adoption of Agenda

IV. Public Comment

The next item on our agenda is Open Forum. The time is set aside for the Board to hear comments from

the public.

On behalf of fellow board members, I invite any member of the audience to approach the board with

comments about items of interest or concern. Please begin by stating your name and contact information.

Please limit your comments to two minutes so that we can keep the meeting moving in a timely fashion,

allow others an opportunity to speak, and allow the board to complete the full board agenda in a timely

manner. Comments from the public are not limited to items or topics on tonight’s agenda but they are

limited to matters within the board’s authority. Please understand, however, that board members do not

intend to make an immediate response. Iowa’s sunshine law prohibits us from having a discussion without

the proper notice to all of the school district community that the issue would be discussed at tonight’s board


Also, please remember you are making comments in a public meeting. Should you make comments that

the subject of the comments is considered to be inflammatory or libelous, you, as an individual, may be

subject to legal action brought by the subject of your comments.

Thanks for your support of our school district.

V. Proclamation – South Tama County Senior Class Month City of Tama/City of Toledo

VI. Invision Presentation

VII. Action Items: Full Board

A. Personnel

B. Approve the purchase of 3 used 12 Passenger Vans Steve Chyma

C. Approve the purchase of 3 Buses Steve Chyma

D. Approve replacing the Inter-school Mail Vehicle Steve Chyma

E. Approve the purchase of a Mower Steve McAdoo

F. Approve Request for Engineers for Site Analysis for Tennis Court Steve McAdoo

G. Approve Replacement Surface on Track Steve McAdoo

H. Approve Paying Paras to Take Sub Authorization Class Jared Smith

VIII. Discussion:

A. Bus Software System for Students Steve Chyma

B. Gym Floor Steve McAdoo

C. MS and PC Blacktop Areas Steve McAdoo

D. Projects Discussion Steve McAdoo

E. Staffing Updates for 2020-2021 Jared Smith