Cracking down

Toledo PD addressing self-checkout theft problem

Toledo has seen an uptick in self checkout related thefts in the last year. Just since January, there have been over 20 reported thefts from local businesses. Most commonly, the thefts have been for items costing less than $20, but some have stolen up to $300 worth of merchandise. From stacking sandwiches so only one is scanned to simply scanning one out of every few items, the thefts have been becoming more creative and brazen, as security footage shows.

Even if it’s just a $1.99 pack of gum, items stolen that are less than $10 are considered a simple misdemeanor. A simple misdemeanor is punishable by a fine of at least $150 and not exceeding $850. The court may order imprisonment not to exceed 30 days in lieu of a fine or in addition to a fine. Stealing items under $300 is considered fifth-degree theft.

Adults and minors alike have been trying to cheat the self-checkouts, but as Chief Dan Quigley noted, “The number of teenagers are alarming.”

So the next time you’re at the self-checkout, think twice about not scanning your candy bar or bag of chips; unless you want some criminal charges filed.