Jobs In America – Ten great gigs for boomers

(NAPS)- For Baby Boomers looking to keep active, supplement their income, meet people and learn new things, the gig economy is a major boon. Whatdds more, many of these jobs can be done remotely.

Consider these popular gigs suggested by Mark Silverman, Founder and CEO, of Amava, a website dedicated to keeping members active and socially engaged through flexible jobs, volunteer gigs, unique experiences and services. According to Silverman, to take advantage of the gig economy, consider your skills, passions, time and financial requirements.

-Enjoy wine? Hello, Tasting Host. Winemakers want to create a pleasant environment for guests and need the right person to host tastings.

-Support a student as a tutor. Guide someones educational journey in-person or online.

-A technical writer. Many industries are looking for strong writers able to simplify complex information.

-Looking for a new way to apply those training or teaching skills? What about as a software onboarding guide? The hours are flexible and the work is largely remote though the social engagement is high.

-Connect people and opportunities as a recruiter. Use your honed judgment, wide networks and people skills to match candidates and opportunities.

-Are you a problem solving people person? As a a customer service representative youll help folks all day.

-With the right skill set, a handyperson is always in demand. And with so many handy apps to choose from, gigs are a short click away.