Tama continues incentive for new businesses, owners

New businesses or new business owners of existing Tama businesses may avail themselves of a plan in which the city will give them free water, sanitary sewer and pay landfill charges for six months.

There is a $200 monthly ceiling on the total the city will cover. The payments by the business and city alternate over a period of one year.

While the incentive plan is not new, City Clerk Judy Welch asked for clarification due to a request by a new owner of an existing business.

Decisions on qualifications will fall to the city council in the event of questions.

Council member Steve Baier said he believed the incentive should be offered in both circumstances and the council agreed on a 3-0 vote.

Applications by new owners may be made at the Office of the City Clerk in the Tama Civic Center, 305 Siegel.