Three things to know from Monday’s Toledo city council meeting

on November 28th, 2022

Council approved additional fees of $70,000 for service by Snyder Engineering on the remodel of the old Juvenile Home on Church St. The additional cost is due to an increase in lots from 15 to 42 new housing lots, costing an estimated $2,600 per lot along with the relocation of the detention basin and South Tama County School District’s request to alter the gym design plans. These funds will cover the project through its closing.

Teresa Klostermann requested the Council revisit the plowing of residential alleys in Toledo. Due to liability issues, alleyway restrictions, and other concerns the Council addressed, the Council decided the city will not be plowing alleys in residential or private areas. Public Works will continue to maintain downtown and business alleys for the city.

Toledo Police Dept. applied for the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Grant and is awaiting approval.