Reigion 6 requests housing trust fund contribution from county supervisors

Marty Wymore, the executive director for Region 6 Resource Partners for the past 32 years, proposed Resolution No. 8-15-2022A, to approve the Region 6 Housing Trust Fund Tama County Cash Contribution, to the Tama County Board of Supervisors on Monday. The state is increasing the funding for low-income housing by 25% for the next few years, with funding in 2022 set at $11.2 million. Tama County will receive $76,000 from this state fund. Region 6 will be eligible for up to $414,000 to help lower-income families with home improvements, emergency repairs of their domicile, and affordable rental projects in the area. One such upcoming project is in downtown Toledo at 134 High St. on the corner of Broadway and High. Region 6 contributed $100,000 to this project, and the state contributed an additional $300,000.

New homebuyers, existing homeowners, rental property owners, and other affordable housing projects may qualify for the Region 6 Housing Trust Fund. The yearly income qualifications for a two-person household is $50,600 and $63,200 for four-person households. Some homeowners may be required to pay back a portion of funding depending on their income level. The occupancy requirement to apply for this funding is five years and requires homeowners to have home insurance. If the domicile is sold, they are responsible for a partial payback of funds used. The average project funding will be $15,000, and the one-page application is a multiple-year waiting process before this funding is approved.

The Tama County Board of Supervisors passed this Resolution Monday, Aug. 15.

Region 6 is a resource partner for Harding, Marshall, Poweshiek, and Tama Counties, helping with transportation funding, bridge projects, housing projects, water and sewer projects, flood risk prevention, and more. Region 6 has spent $347,000 on Tama County projects from 2015 to 2021. Their office is located in Marshalltown. If you wish to learn more or begin the application process visit region6resources.org for more information.