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The journey

September 19, 2012 It has been said that life is a journey.  It takes us places we dreamed of as a youth, or takes us places we never dreamed of in our youth. more »»

Things I've Learned

September 16, 2012 Now that I'm in the (gulp) 6th decade of my life, I think I've learned a few things.  Not many, mind you but a few. Most of my learning experiences have come from mistake. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

September 14, 2012 Market Report for August 31st This market night brought out 14 vendors and a large crowd to enjoy this beautiful Friday night market. more »»

Some musings from Gilly Hollow

September 12, 2012 It is hard to believe I have been back to Iowa for over seven years now. It is even harder to believe I have been writing this column for almost seven years now too. more »»

John’s pet peeves

September 9, 2012 It's that time of the year annual list of Pet Peeves. Heck, even the wording kinda upsets me a little bit. "Pet Peeve. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

September 7, 2012 Market Report for August 24th This market evening brought out a nice crowd and 17 vendors. Fall is approaching, but you wouldn’t know it by the looks of the vendor’s tables. more »»

The urban legend

September 5, 2012 We’ve all heard them. Many of us have read them in alarmist emails arriving on our computer. They seem to have a life of their own. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

August 31, 2012 This market night brought out 13 vendors and a large crowd. Vegetable judging is done at the fair, the vendors that showed did well, some better than others. more »»

Goodbye old friend

August 30, 2012 A soft yellow glow paints the wall behind the desk. A low hum emanates from the transformer inside the beast. Small dial and meter lights add to the ambience of an otherwise darkened room. more »»

The answers to the quiz

August 30, 2012 As a couple of you know, I challenged "The News" readers with a quiz last week. A test of things not very important. more »»

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

August 26, 2012 It's only fair that if your children, grand-children and great grand-children must begin their school year that all faithful readers of this column and newspaper should be tested as well. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

August 24, 2012 This market night brought a large crowd and 11 vendors. more »»


August 22, 2012 Some people think I have always been somewhat dizzy. Yesterday I would have agreed. I have this knack of ignoring things and perhaps blame changes in my body on the aging process. more »»

Teachers, Teachers, Teachers

August 19, 2012 School is just around the corner or perhaps it has already started where you are. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

August 17, 2012 Market Report for August 3rd It was another fantastic night for the Toledo Farmers’ Market. more »»

Back to School letter parents need

August 15, 2012 Dear reader: School is starting very soon. Many of you have young drivers who will be feeling their new found independence, and will be driving to school, functions, and well, just driving. more »»

Wall Street lessons from the farm

August 13, 2012 An old saying often used by traders on Wall Street, “Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered” is intended to explain that those who work hard will get what they deserve but those who try to gain... more »»

The government should take a lesson from the Olympics

August 12, 2012 Have you enjoyed the Olympics? There has been some great stories. People can overcome such difficult obstacles to achieve their dream. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

August 10, 2012 What a market! If you missed this one you missed a large variety of produce. There were 14 vendors set up selling the fruits (and veggies) of their labor….. more »»

Doggedly summer

August 8, 2012 One of the nice things about being a long term columnist, is I can revive things I wrote a few years ago and put a new spin on them. more »»



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