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Toledo Farmers Market

November 2, 2012 Market Report for October 19th- Market started out with a crispy fall night, but that changed in a hurry. Looking to the west you could see the misty rain making it’s way to downtown Toled. more »»

Uncle Jim

October 31, 2012 The first time I fell in love, it was with Rhonda. I must have been 9 or 10. She was about the same age. Rhonda was the girl of my dreams; she liked to do everything the boys did, but was prettier. more »»

The advice columnist

October 28, 2012 One of the major pitfalls, (autograph seekers, photo-ops, speaking engagements, etc) of being a famous newspaper columnist is that people just naturally assume you are quite intelligent and wise... more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

October 26, 2012 Market Report for October 12th When you read this there is only one market left. It has been a challenging season, a long season, and a dry season. more »»

Death of a salesman

October 24, 2012 If Willy Loman is the stereotypical salesman who failed to adapt and evolve in the face of change, then the story can act as a metaphor for some recent failures we are witnessing in print media. more »»

The Story of Rose

October 21, 2012 I'm not sure how many readers know this, but my parents had three wonderful, yet average children and one terrific, exceptional child who will be celebrating his 61st birthday this Sunday. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

October 19, 2012 Market Report for October 5th This market night was very cold. That didn’t stop the eleven vendors from setting up their tables and the brave customers that made their purchases. more »»

Making ready for winter

October 17, 2012 I am an early riser. Generally I am up well before sunrise. I write some, exchange communications via social media and email, and plan my day. more »»

The rewards of writing a column

October 14, 2012 I've been writing "The Way I See It" for a couple of years now and it's been a lot of fun. Because of it, I have met many of you through phone calls, emails and even regular letters. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

October 12, 2012 Market Report for September 28th This market evening brought out ten vendors and an excellent crowd to make their local purchases from their favorite farmer. The tables were a cornucopia of displays. more »»


October 10, 2012 Thirty-nine degrees; not quite the chilliest morning of the fall season, but close. The leaves are changing into the most brilliant display of fall colors in recent memory. more »»

A Lesson From One Frog

October 9, 2012 Once upon a time there were a group of tree frogs who arranged a competition. The goal was to reach the top of a very high tower. more »»

Burma Shave signs

October 7, 2012 Last week, Deb and I went into Minneapolis for several days to enjoy several Twins vs Yankees baseball games. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

October 5, 2012 Market Report for September 21st You wouldn’t know there is only five weeks of market left by the tables of the vendors at the Toledo Farmers’ Market. more »»


October 3, 2012 I have half a notion to kick the partially lame big yellow dog. If I awaken her now, she might be tired for the time I must sleep. more »»

The Honor Flight Network

September 30, 2012 We can't all be heroes. Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they go b. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

September 28, 2012 Market Report for Sept. 14 It was another fantastic Friday night for the Toledo Farmers’ Market. With 12 vendors and a large crowd the market started with the ring of the courthouse clock. more »»

After the train ride

September 26, 2012 It is gratifying to have correspondence with certain faithful readers. It means you are reading my column. more »»

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it

September 24, 2012 Letter to the Editor: Here is an article written by Dr. Adrian Rogers in 1931 I recently read and felt it was noteworthy for the times and just before an important electio. more »»

The time is now

September 23, 2012 The time is now Glenn Cunningham  Maybe you've heard of Glenn Cunningham and maybe not. Either way, his story is amazing to say the least. more »»



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