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Think On the Good Things

February 19, 2017 Do you have that one song, movie, or something else that evokes strong emotions of the “good ol’ days” or perhaps even of a time in your life gone by, leaving some tears running down your cheeks?... more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting?

February 16, 2017 The Community Clothes Closet has donated money to the Wieting to show a free movie. more »»

Happy Valentine's Day

February 12, 2017 This year maybe more than any other year, we need an official day to just say, “I love you. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting?

February 9, 2017 The Wieting Guild has a problem that we need the public to help us solve. We are in need of more volunteers for the movies. more »»

Revised New Year’s Resolutions

February 5, 2017 This week is Super-Bowl week, but no real need to watch it as New England is gonna win easily. Final score; Patriots 42, Falcons 26. There ya go. more »»

Deb's got something to say!!

January 29, 2017 For the most part, my wife, Deb (Veit), is pretty easy going. Very little ruffles her feathers, (except for some of the things I do from time to time). more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting?

January 26, 2017 At our regular meeting on Thursday night we had a report from the committees that handle lining up the acts to appear at the Wieting. more »»

The Story of Rose

January 22, 2017 I’m not sure how many readers know this, but my parents had three wonderful, yet average children and one terrific, exceptional child, namely “yours truly”. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting?

January 19, 2017 As of today we don’t have too much going on at the Wieting besides the movie. Upcoming on March 16 at 5:30 p.m. we will have our annual meeting of the Wieting Theatre Guild. more »»

Inaguaration Day, 2017

January 15, 2017 Well in a week or so, we will be inaugurating Donald J. Trump as our 45th President of the United States. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting?

January 12, 2017 This week I’m going to feature another of the old regular entertainers from the Wieting. She is a pianist, singer and accompanist, Dolores Harri. more »»

You asked for it

January 8, 2017 Some of your favorite columns are when get in the time machine and head backwards to a more peaceful and serene place. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting?

January 5, 2017 As I sit at my kitchen table to write this column I think about this past year, 2016. I remember all my friends and family who have passed away. The good memories and happy times I have of them. more »»

Happy, happy New Year!!

January 1, 2017 Every year has its ups and downs and 2016 was no different. Probably for each one of you, there were times of celebration and times of sadness and disappointment. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting?

December 29, 2016 Our community has suffered a great loss. A business owner, well-known and well-liked, also a former theatre guild member has gone to meet his maker. Yes, I’m talking about Don Musgrave Jr. more »»

Christmas Eve in Chelsea, 1960

December 25, 2016 School’s finally out for two weeks. Yeaaaa! The snow is falling nicely and we already have about four inches on the ground. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting?

December 22, 2016 As I was leaving Toledo’s nursing home I was talking to a former entertainer of the Wieting. He said he still entertains at the area nursing home. more »»

Merry Christma From The Shedas!!!

December 18, 2016 The other day I was a-thinking. Yea, I do think every now and then but not too darn much so as to get a headache. more »»

Why newspapers are the mainstay

December 15, 2016 Are you having trouble deciding what to buy for certain people for Christmas? The Wieting has a gift idea that a lot of people young and old would be happy to receive. more »»

Dear Santa,

December 11, 2016 Ok, ok, forget the two front teeth. I want a whole lot more than that. Besides, what in the world would I do with two more front teeth? And forget this “I don’t believe in Santa” thing eithe. more »»



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