Montour Alumni Report

The 2020 banquet was not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic which started in January 2020 and became full-blown by March with stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and wearing masks required. Vaccines became available in early 2021 and about 50% of the US population was vaccinated by the end of May of 2021 and most orders were lifted.

The celebration of the 140th anniversary of the first graduating class from Montour High School was held on Saturday, May 29, 2021 at the Reinig Center in Toledo, IA. A social hour preceded the banquet. Twenty-six graduates and six guests were in attendance.

The evening was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag led by President LeRoy Hoskey (’60). Brian Hempy (’69) led the group in singing “God Bless America”.

President LeRoy discussed how the Scouts sometimes marched to the cemetery from the Legion building with the Legion Color Guard. He said that was a long way for little Scouts and “older” Legion members. He asked those who had served in the military to stand and be recognized.

LeRoy read the list of those graduates and Montour friends who had passed away during the past two year.

Joyce Flynn Wiese (’46) discussed the Montour breakfast. Since Big T has closed and the Sunrise Café in Le Grand was not satisfactory, the Montour breakfast will be moved to the Montour Community Center. Breakfasts are the first Wednesday of each month, with the next breakfast June 2 starting at 9:00 AM. Ronda from “My Mother’s Place” will cater the breakfast. Reservations are necessary and should be made through Joyce Wiese. Susan Lenhart Eberhart (’66) volunteered to take reservations in the future. The cost will be $6 for a choice of three entries.

Dale Wiese (’51) from the 70-year class, talked about some school memories. He mentioned some of the teachers, the music program and Montour athletics.

Susan Lenhart Eberhart (’66) talked about the Montour Community Center improvements. A copy of the sheet describing the updates etc. is attached. She thanked Alumni who had donated to the project thus far and said funding was not yet complete, so donations and memorials are still being accepted. She said they were looking for pictures of Montour that might include main street and especially the bandstand.

Kay Gary Lowry (’63) read a letter from Kenny Moffett (’63) (recently deceased) that was included with his donation to the improvement of the Community Center.

LeRoy gave an invocation and then everyone enjoyed the buffet meal catered by Ronda Pokorny of “My Mother’s Place”.

After the meal and visiting, Marvin Hoskey (’62), Membership Chairman and Secretary, read the names of Alumni present, from the earliest graduate, Dallas Wiese, class of 1944, to the most recent members present, Brian Hempy and Judy Butler, class of 1969.

Judi Durfey Detrich (’61), Treasurer, gave the treasurer’s report indicating a balance of $1,595.90.

Marvin Hoskey (’62) read the minutes and they were approved as read.

The election of officers for next year was held. The consensus was that the present officers should continue, if willing. LeRoy Hoskey (’60) will serve as President; Marvin Hoskey (’62), Membership Chairman and Secretary; and Judi Durfey Detrich (’61), Treasurer and Vice-President.

A drawing was held to determine the winner of the gift basket donated by Joanne Halsted Ward (’59) in honor of her class of 1959. The lucky winner was Susan Lenhart Eberhart (’66). Susan gifted the basket she had won to Dallas & Joyce Wiese.

LeRoy thanked Joanne for the basket and then offered a closing prayer. Brian Hempy led the group in singing “Auld Lang Syne.”

The meeting was adjourned.

2020-21 Deceased List: William “Bill” Holmes (class of 1953), died September 10, 2019; Robert Allen Tvedt (class of 1946), died November 9, 2019; Darlene Hempy Boriskey (class of 1949), died December 15, 2019; Ellis Lee Hauser (class of 1953), died February 1, 2020; David Lee Downs (class of 1963), died February 18, 2020; Duane R. Linville (class of 1968), died March 26, 2020; E. Faye Harrah Berger (class of 1948), died April 4, 2020; Maureen Moffett (class of 1943), died September 7, 2020; Janet Marie Hoskey Kvidera (class of 1947), died November 18, 2020; Ken Moffett (class of 1963), died January 17, 2021; Douglas Arthur Tvedt (class of 1951), died February 5, 2021; William Downs (class of 1946), died January 21, 2021; Karen Adair (class of 1959), died May 21, 2021; Bob Butler (class of 1944?), died 2021? Never found obituary; Laverne Hiple (class of 1937), died November 11, 2015.