Five things to know from Tama Council

1. The $3,853,850 2022 fiscal year budget passed unanimously Monday evening at a regular council meeting. No oral or written comments were received.

Some items of note include an increase in public safety. The budget increased from $992,141 to $1,073,439. The roughly $80,000 increase was due to the purchase of a new vehicle for the police department and salaries. There was a decrease in capital projects from $631,500 in 2021 to $33,500.

The city had discussed bonding $400,000 for library repairs but that was put on hold due to the derecho. The last big capital project was the 5th Street project in 2017-18. The city applied for and received $64,000 from the state for COVID relief. That money will be going to salaries which in turn will mean the library did not have to cut their budget for 2021 as originally anticipated. HoweverProperty tax valuation going up also made a difference for the city.

Due to needs in the ambulance department the Tama Public Library budget was cut from what was originally proposed by the library board for fiscal year 2022.

Much of the discussions surrounding details of the library budget were discussed during the council’s budget workshop sessions. The final budget for 2022 is $104,000 which ended up being about a $40,000 cut.

It appears from the budget worksheet that the cuts largely come from staffing as the approved line item for part time staff is now $21,068 when it was $54,258 in 2021.

The budget for fiscal year 2022 lists $67,198 going to salaries. The library employs one full-time staff member, Shook and seven part-time staff members however some are seasonal.

Other major expenses for the library include $8,000 for electricity, $7,100 for books and manuals, $3,676 for a copier contract, $3,500 for building/ground maintenance/repairs, $3,300 for telephone service, $3,214 for building and content insurance, $2,600 for office supplies, $1,077 for insurance/liability and $1,000 in petty cash.

2. The council voted to waive two snow removal bills for Richard Novak as long as there are no other violations. Emily Babinat refrained from the discussion and voting.

3. Purchases were approved for several items including a vehicle for the police department, a replacement grinder, lift pumps and piping at the sewer lift station and two samplers from USA Bluebook for the sewer plant.

The vehicle for the police department recommended by Chief Jason Bina is a 2021 Tahoe from Karls Chevrolet for the Tama Police Department. The amount spent is not to exceed $59,888.11. The vehicle will need to be outfitted for equipment and that is included in the total cost.

Total expenses for items at the sewer lift station should not exceed $157,392.50. Bids were received from both Iowa Pump Works and Jetco.

The two samplers for the sewer plant should not exceed $12,387.

The council also discussed purchasing radios with the new system versus purchasing a cell phone to be used by employees without cell phones. The city will get bids from Verizon for a basic phone that can be checked out and returned to city offices each day.

4. The City Clerk and Police Chief reviewed the IDAL’s inspection of the Cities dog pound. It did not pass inspection this year due to more specific regulations. The Council would like to check into contracting with a vet or the humane society and discuss further at a future meeting.

5. Resolution No. 8-21 was passed which was a resolution approving 10 transfers; a transfer of $46,760 from the Water fund to the Water Bond fund for the water bond, a transfer of $13,800 from the Water fund to the 10 year Water Project fund, a transfer of $55,260 from the sewer fund to the Sewer Bond fund, a transfer of $25,000 from the Sewer fund to the Sewer Replacement fund, a transfer of $25,000 from the Sewer fund to the Sewer Rehabilitation fund, a transfer of $54,000 from Local Option to the General fund for pool operations, a transfer of $109,250 from Local Option to Debt Service fund for the pool bond, a transfer of $42,000 from Capital Reserve to General Fund for PD Salaries, a transfer of $3,475 from the Capital Reserve to Fire Truck Interest, and a transfer of $7,490 from the capital projects fund to debt for the Derecho Bond.