1969 STC grad Jean Upah Posusta pens third major book

Christian Publishing Books has released Author Jean Posusta’s third major publication, I See You with My Heart.

A native of Vining and a 1969 graduate of South Tama Hgih School, Jean was a 37-year employee of the Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo. Her previous books are Twisted Winds of Verango and Hope We Don’t Go To Paulette’s Again Soon.

Posusta, who has lived in Montana the last 10 years, has published her third literary piece, I See You with My Heart, a fiction about familial love and recovery. I See You with My Heart falls in the newer literary genre, Women’s Self-Help Fiction according to her publisher Christian Publishing Company.

Jean Upah Posusta has been writing for over 20 years, beginning with a journalistic manuscript in print, which was donated to Hospice describing her own experience with death and dying of a loved one. Twisted Winds of Verango was her first publication, the story of a fictitious member of a train robbing gang who falls in love and marries a woman of culture. Posusta has won various newspaper awards and limerick notoriety. Song lyrics and poetry are a favorite pastime of hers, affording her bylines in international song books and calendars. More recently, her journalistic articles were published as a staff writer for a Montana magazine, RM3.

Jean taught at Montana State University and worked as a legislative liaison for Social Security Disability. After 37 years with state government, mostly at the Iowa Juvenile Home, she retired to Montana to be closer to her sister, Dr. Vicki Burford.

Jean Posusta

Since retiring, Jean has also found volunteer work to be satisfying, through her work with half-way houses, the Women’s prison, women’s shelters, the Yellowstone Art Museum, and the Yellowstone Valley Suicide Coalition, Yellowstone the Alzheimer’s Association, Boys and Girls Home, mentoring and teaching women and children.

Three sisters, now orphaned in their teens, raise each other in the family home. In a matter of a few years they experience many challenging moments including alcoholism, a terminal illness, marriages, birth, and death. This book is a round up of hard issues and comic moments that will inspire you to ‘do your life in truth and love’.

The span of family support and care handled with nonquestioning love is a treat to process and full of lessons to apply to our own lives Writing and painting continue to be Posusta’s hobbies. Posusta has been featured with her acrylic paintings and sculpture in a number of gallery shows. “Montana instills many left-brains to pull out creativity in a presentable form. It can’t be helped.” “Part of my heart will always live in the Iowa, but I must add that the parks and mountains of Montana are an inspiration to many.”

(Previously published under a pen name, Jean holds several articles and books to her writing history. As a journalist for RM3 magazine, Posusta interviewed downtown restaurant chefs, and discussed fashion in the Magic City. To her credits, Posusta has also taught at Montana State University-Billings, edited newsletters of various formats, and been awarded literary pinnings.

This book is the story of her mother’s death with a side of living beyond and through a loved one’s illness.

Posusta has written song lyrics for international how-to-learn-music books, printed a poetry book, designed calendars, screen edited a Christmas Musical and writes and directs Murder Mystery performances now in the Billings area under:


Humorous murder mysteries unfold as the “actors” often come dressed and participate in the unfolding mystery, as they laugh their way through the comedic murder. Her involvement in the Billings Community has been far and wide, with historical journaling, community events, support groups, mentoring writers and other women, club work, book clus, and working with the arts.

Baby Boomers wanting to understand the Yin and Yang of life, recovery from illness, and having confusion in the loss of a loved one will want to check out I See You with My Heart. Jean explained that many personal friends, relatives, and happenstance have contributed to her writing, going back so far as her grade school days . Capturing dreams or guiding her dreams seems to be a nuisance, but necessary to formulate her story lines.

You will find I See You with My Heart has humor and playful wit as you enter into the personalities who embrace often in a tripod hug.

This month, I See You with My Heart was released for sale to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, kindle and other literary outlets. Look for the heart shaped rose on the front.

In the new fiction, these three young women raise themselves as you walk through the underpinnings of maturity that is life’s great experience. You will love I See You with My Heart.