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Says Democrat national officials try to discredit Bernie

February 7, 2020
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

As I write this, the Democratic Party Caucus of Iowa is in disarray and fully confused. First, the Des Moines Register poll is kept secret, its results hidden. Next, hours and hours later (maybe days and weeks later?) the Democrat state headquarters is frantically trying to restructure the results to suit party bosses, who don' want Bernie Sanders to be successful.

Democrat national officials have been working overtime to discredit Bernie. Recently the dried-up Democrat leaders of decade old have come out of their groundhog holes in their attempt to demoralize and hinder Bernie's success. Why would we listen to the old hacks? They have on place in a modern young Democrat party. Tell them to return to their millionaire compounds and let us do the voting.

In 2016, Hillary worked extensively to falsify Bernie's primary results. Sanders didn't put up a fight, to save party unity, and guess what we gotPresident Trump.

Why local delegates and cucus goers aren;t stampeding the Democrat state headquarters by the hundres, I don;'t know. Why no one has gone to the courts to force the real results to be be made public, is a mystery. I'm sure that eventually, a nice cute explanation wrapped in a pretty bow will be brought out by party officials as to why the results were delayed by days. "Quality control," my ars...quality control merely means making sure the candidate wins, rather than the real results being tallied openly and honestly. The old saying about quacking like a duck, and waddling like a duck is easily seen here. Hiding the caucus results for days is a very poor attempt at fixing the results. Alos changing party rules to suit a NY billionaire's wishes is not very honorable.

The national political bosses are telling us locals that out votes don't really count, tjat they don't trust our votes and choices, if we elect people that don't want or like. For a party that has claimed to want safe elections, we're being led to our own execution by our own national leaders.

I for one will not put up with such election falsifying, and neither should you. Make sure this is the real America, not soem faked symbol decided on by out of state leaders who have their own agenda, rather that reality. Local Democrats have worked too hard for so long to bring their candidates names and platforms out, and sshouldt give up to ssuchand obvious aattemptat changing the vvoters honest results of the Iowa Democrat Party Caucus.

Terry Wilkinson




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