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Family & Baseball & Minnesota

Take A Mulligan

August 4, 2019
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Last February we started planning a baseball game & family reunion in July. The plan actually came to pass last week and for the most part, everything went as planned. Which is absolutely surprising considering we had a lot of families that needed to get involved, committed and on target clear to the end. Mission accomplished.

First we took about 20 Shedas to the baseball game between the Twins and the Yankees. 1/3 of the group rooted for the Twins and 2/3's of us screamed and hollered for our beloved New York Yankees. It was a great summer evening for baseball and the Yankees did not disappoint, winning 10-7, with a combined total of six home runs from both teams. In other words, it was an exciting game throughout the full nine innings. To be honest, you really have to be a baseball fan to sit through a nine-inning game without becoming a little bored from time to time. Our 20 people ran the ages from age eight to, (gulp) me at Ok, ok.................67. But everyone pretty much stayed focused as long as the Cotton Candy & Ice Cream guy kept coming by. And those ballpark brats--mmmmmmmmmmmm.

The next morning, we took off to honor our parents, Tony W. and Sue Sheda, with a family reunion in Duluth, Minnesota, the home of the eldest sibling, Tony A. & his wife Paulette. Tony W. & Sue Sheda were married in 1933 and we had approximately 50 little and not so little Shedas running around the reunion. Besides myself, and my wife, Deb, my sister Mary Sue and her husband, Rick, was there and my other brother, Larry and his wife Sandy, were in attendance, along with all the other members of the Sheda clan.

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We talked and reminisced about our Chelsea days. What a great little town to grow up in. Summer ball games, band concerts, a "hootenanny" on Saturday evenings and all the wonderful "Chelsea Characters" that lived and roamed about in town. People like Jim and Elva Smith, Lawrence and Bernice Hayek, John and Mabel Kaloupek, "Samber Pete," Father Hlubek and Father Skuzacek and the list goes on and on. But I'm sure you all had your own special characters in your home town, didn't you?

Duluth is a beautiful city of about 100,00 people and reclines next to Lake Superior, which makes Duluth even more stunning. Lots to see and lots to do. Deb and I did a first here. We had one of those "caricatures" drawn of us. We looked pretty good too, except he game me a somewhat bigger tummy than I think I have. That's one thing off my bucket list. Which shows you what a boring bucket list I have!!

Minnesota is the "land of 10,000 lakes." But how do we know for sure? So I was asking around and finally was told that there is a group of five men that drive throughout the state every ten years, (like our census), and counts them. Come on, do ya think I'm gonna fall for that? They assured me it was true asking me how else could they prove it. What do you think??????

We all headed for home last Sunday morning, having a great time and wondering if we will all get together again like we did. Life is funny with a lot of twists and turns and quirks. Our family has had its' share of the good times as well as the sad, bad and tough times. I am minus three nephews that left the Sheda clan far too early and we've all hard our share of disappointments, but the one thing we do have is EACH OTHER.

We have each other's backs. Our family, all 50 or so of us, stick together and that my friends is a very good thing. If you have family that you love, let them know. Life is way way too short for hostilities, anger and stubbornness. With that being said, remember the old Boheme adage, "Fish and Family are both good to have but not after three days."

Have a great week.

Let me know at or call me at 319.327.4640.



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