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Empathize for a week about what Jake and Mollie’s families are going through

August 29, 2018
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

The following article was forwarded to me on my Facebook page. I feel it is well worth passing on. It originated with Amanda Goodman of the Family Children's Council. She received this letter written by a senior in high school named Megan. This is what she wrote:

"Why is this our life? Why are people not more outraged by this? Why do people have to be greedy? Two young people found dead in a place most thought was safe. Rural Iowa is made of corn, families, small towns, everyone knowing everyone. Not disappearing people, murder victims, and being scared for our kids to play in their own back yards. Now is not the time to focus on politics. The future isn't as concerning as the present. Let's fix right now before we worry about solutions for the years to come. Forget whether or not you support a wall or not. Forget if you are a Democrat or a Republican. Remember you are a human. Empathize for a week about what Jake and Mollie's families are going through. Put yourself in their shoes. Then try to argue about politics. Send peace, thoughts and prayers....stop arguing about whether or not this man should or shouldn't have been here in the first place. As a teenager living today I am terrified. I can't even walk around my block without questioning whether or not I'll make it home. The world doesn't need more people fighting, we need to love and show compassion. We need to take action instead of sitting behind a screen critiquing everyone else. Please everyone, let's just help heal the broken communities...not cause more stress. There is a day to argue and fight for what you believe this country needs. There is a day for politics. But not today. Today is for mourning, grief and healing."

This was written by a teenage girl who is, in my opinion, wise beyond her years but still susceptible to all the evils of this world. We, as adults, need to think of our children and how our words and actions (or lack thereof) affects them in their everyday lives. She is right. Lets set politics aside and mourn with these families for a while.

Deanna Dickens-McCarroll




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