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South Tama Middle School April Students of the Month

May 22, 2018
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Biographies by: Mary Kate Frakes, Phillip Myli, Kailiee Keen, Gavin Bridgewater, Natalie Stull, Eligh Branan, Kaden Kopsa, Kevin Manzo

Adair Pesina (5th)

Adair Pesina is a 5th grade student at STC Middle School. Adair is 11 years old and plays basketball and football. His parents and siblings are Victor, Garika, Victor, Alma, and Jose. He also has a dog named Humphrey. Adair describes himself as kind, nice, and smart. His advice to his classmates is if you do your best you will succeed. Congrats to Adair Pesina for earning student of the month.

Article Photos

Top L to R: Jasmine Johnson (5th), Lizzy Vesely (7th), Riley Grimes (7th), Jennica Hickman (8th), Nick Backen (6th)
Bottom L to R: Nickayla Ferriss (6th), Lizbeth Sotelo (8th), Adair Pesina (5th)

=Photos provided

Jasmine Johnson (5th)

I interviewed Jasmine Johnson. She is 10 years old and in 5th grade. She has a mom, dad, brother, a lizard, a cat, and a dog. She likes to play football and is a kind person. Her best characteristics are that she is responsible, respectful, and kind. Her advice for her classmates is to be kind to others.

Nicholas Backen (6th)

Congratulations to Nick Backen for earning student of the month. Nick's mom is Deb, his Dad is Dan, his brother is Zach, and his sister is Lindsay. He has two dogs named Louie and Gizmo. His hobbies include tag and he also loves Star Wars. His extra-curricular activity is band. Nick describes himself as kind, smart, and trustworthy. Nick also has some wise advice for his fellow classmates, "Work hard and you can achieve what you want to achieve, but if you don't work hard you won't achieve what you want to achieve." Congratulations.

Nickayla Ferriss (6th)

Nickayla Ferriss is a 6 grade student. She is almost 12 years old. Her parents are Jennifer and Nick. Her best characteristics are being lazy, nice, and boring. She recommends not being lazy, but be nice instead and try your best.

Riley Grimes (7th)

Congratulations to Riley Grimes for earning April student of the month. Riley is in 8th grade and is 12 years old. Riley's parents are Shannon and Brad. She has two siblings named Chance and Rayne. She also has two dogs named Tilly and Sophie. Her hobbies are drawing and gaming. She also participates in track. Her three best characteristics are that she is loyal, responsible, and respectful. Her advice for her classmates is to try your best.

Lizzy Vesely (7th)

Congratulations to Lizzy Vesely for earning student of the month. She is a 13 years old 7th grader. Her family members are Sherri, Steve, and Nick. Her hobby is playing volleyball. Lizzy describes herself as nice. Her three best characteristics are that she is funny, athletic, and friendly. Her advice to her classmates is to get your homework done.

Jennica Hickman (8th)

Congratulations to Jennica Hickman for earning student of the month. She is 14 and in 8th grade. Her mom is Jennifer and her dad is Harlan. Her siblings are Lynnette, Dustin, River, Jessica, and Shawna. She has one cat. She participates in track, basketball, and volleyball. She describes herself as athletic. She is tall, smart, and caring. She tells her classmates to actually do the work you are assigned.

Lizbeth Sotelo (8th)

Lizbeth Sotelo is 13 years old and in the 8th grade. She has five brothers and four sisters. She describes herself as happy. Her three best characteristics are that she is happy and cheerful. Advice she has for classmates is you can do it!



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