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Catching up with South Tama alumni

Part 4 (Final)

November 10, 2017
By Allison Graham and Darvin Graham , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Sports Editor's Note: This fall Allison Graham of the Toledo Chronicle and Darvin Graham of Trojan Country Radio ( caught up with four STC alumns: Bubba Rutledge, Jerry Lowe, Mitch Thede and Ian Slagle. Rutledge, Lowe and Slagle are on the Grand View University football roster this year, while Thede played his freshman year for Simpson College. All four are former members of the South Tama County football team.

Continued from the Toledo Chronicle (Nov. 8)

Jerry: Yeah, I mean all the coaches contributed to my success pretty good, but I never got to Doran. But before games, when he give his speech, it always get me going pretty bad and I still remember one time, he give this speech and I was so pumped, I was trying to get out there with no padding, just play. But, I knew they wouldn't let me play, so I decided to put my pads back on. He's a great guy to be around and I know he's trying his best to make his kids successful and I wish him the best. The best of the best.

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Jerry Lowe, Ian Slagle and Bubba Rutledge

Bubba: We've got to give a shoutout to all the coaches too. Peska, Stein.


Bubba: Cort, JJ, Hoskey. Shoutout to Hoskey, Van Dyke, Bolen, Mayo.

Ian:You guys all had a part in our success and we all thank you for that.

Jerry: We want to say thanks to all the teachers and for helping us out, have good grades. That way, we can come to college and thanks to all the coaches and even the other coaches that didn't get to coach me, but I want to thank everybody. Thank you.

Allison: Those are some really nice words for South Tama coaches. So, what do you guys want to be when you grow up and when you have to leave Grand View and Simpson and step out into the world?

Ian: Right now, I'm going to major in Kinesiology at Grand View, but then when I leave here, I want to leave and go into chiropractic. I haven't yet decided on a school, but I want to be a chiropractor when I'm done with my education.

Mitch: At Simpson, I'm majoring in accounting and economics. I'll graduate in May 2019 and then after that, I want to be a public accountant at maybe a large firm, something like that would be nice.

Bubba: Right now, I'm majoring in sports management. I'm still not really sure what my plans are to do after school, but I know one of these days, I want to get back to Tama and help Doran out and coach some linebackers up.

Jerry: I'm majoring in Kinesiology and I'm still thinking about what I want to do, but I've been thinking lately about being a strength coach, like athletic trainer because I want to be out on the field and I want to help injured people recover. So, the way I recover when I got injured in high school.

Darvin: Everybody's got to eat, right, and so the all important question. What's your favorite food, maybe on campus or maybe around Des Moines. What's your favorite out there?

Jerry: No, I once moved back to college and the first few weeks, I was into carbs a lot, but I kind of get tired eating food from the caf because most of the time, a lot of people know me over here, usually I get the same stuff. And but usually, like my favorite place to go eat sometimes. I like going to HuHot, but usually the only time I have to go there is in the evening and usually it's really expensive and busy and I really don't like that.

And I know my mom will really like me to go there every week, every other week, but it's just way too expensive. But sometimes, I try to get in there. My mom help me out. I like HuHot better.

Bubba: I'm kind of like Jerry. We have a buffet style caf here at Grand View, so you can just go in whenever and get all the food you want, but when I'm going to go out, my favorite place to spend a little money at is McDonald's. I go in there and smash a few McDoubles and some large fries. We love the two for three at McDonald's. It's great.

Ian: Yeah, like these guys are saying, the cafeteria. It gets old after a little while, so when we decide to go out and get something to eat, I like to go downtown to a place called Zombie Burger. When I go down there, I get the 'I'm coming to get you Barbara.' It's the two grilled cheese sandwiches for the buns and you got the burger and the bacon. Aw yeah, it's good.

Mitch: At Simpson, I like to get the chicken strips or the chicken caesar wrap. That's pretty good. But, if we make the trip to De Moines or West De Moines, I like HuHot, like Jerry or Buffalo Wild Wings, but yeah, it gets expensive after a while.

Bubba: All right, I need to add a little to my answer, because I feel like McDonald's wasn't good enough. Out of my wide variety, going past Marshalltown, I'd say that the best I get is probably Five Guys. On the west side, that's probably the best. Always.

Darvin: Thanks again guys, so much for taking some time. I want to wish you all the best of luck at Grand View and Mitch, at Simpson. I hope you guys have a great fall semester and good luck to the Vikings this fall season as well.

Allison: Thank you guys for being willing to come out and talk to us.



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