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Cornfileds, Common Sense and Community

October 4, 2017
By State Senator Jeff Edler - R-State Center , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

This has been the fastest moving summer ever! This summer was filled with many hours of meetings, seminars, emails, phone calls and good old fashioned hard work. That is what this country was founded on - hard work!

As we move ever closer to the upcoming legislative session, I would like to take a step back and look at my campaign platform. I coined the acronym B.E.P.I.C. to sum up what I stood for as a candidate.

The "B" is for budgeting. While at the statehouse I worked to ensure the budget of the state of Iowa ran as closely to the principles of a hard working family budget. Yes, we had to make some very hard decisions as we de-appropriated areas of the 2017 budget and tried to rein in spending for 2018. It was never really talked about how we did this while sparing the K-12 and Medicaid budget, which comprises the vast majority of state spending. It should also be known that one area did receive new spending. K- 12 state aid received approximately $40 million dollars of new money.

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State Senator Jeff Edler
R-State Center

One area of the budget I have heard a lot of discussion was on corporate tax credits. I have pledged to look into these credits and work with the Ways and Means Committee to sort out whether these credits have a clear benefit or return on investment to justify themselves. The corporate tax credits have been a short term band-aid to a flawed tax system. We need to create a more simplistic and equitable Iowa tax system that will reward Iowans for their hard work, leaving more money in their pockets. Period.

The "E" is for education. As a father of five children, it doesn't take long to figure out that every child has a different perspective toward learning. It is important for parents to be involved with their children's education. By being involved you are able to assess whether your child's needs, aspirations, and potential are being met. The first two to three years of a child's education are foundational. During this window of time, children compose the basic foundation of how they will learn going forward. As a parent, and as vice-chair of the Senate Education Committee, it is important to understand these facts. As legislators look at a low revenue environment for the state of Iowa we need to ensure the money going into the K-12 system is providing the most bang for the buck.

The "P" is for prosperity. Every Iowan and American who is willing to work hard deserves an environment to prosper. Whether it be as an individual, family, or in a business, it is our job as legislators to ensure avenues of commerce are open and uninhibited. I also believe we should provide a temporary safety net for people in need. That doesn't mean provide for a way of life for life. Currently, the welfare system in Iowa is broken. It is not attributable to any one person or party but a culmination of decisions over the years. We must create a system that rewards able-bodied people for getting back on their feet and on their way to prosperity. Let's put able-bodied people back to work.

The "I" is for integrity. Politics has been littered with scandal and misguided communications for years.It features too much finger-pointing and not enough results. I came to the Senate not to point fingers, but to attack the challenges we face as Iowans and as a nation. I have very consciously tried to not point fingers, no matter how hard it can be at times. This does not fix a problem it only tries to shift the blame.

Integrity is much more than just perception, and a quality of character. Take a look at the integrity of the voting system. Last session we made a bold move to ensure the integrity of the voting system in Iowa. Although the bill may not have been perfect, it does provide extra securities for the citizens of Iowa to ensure their voting system will be much less susceptible to fraud.

The "C" is for the Constitution. While in the Senate, I will work to uphold and support the constitutional rights of Iowans and Americans. Whether the issue is free speech, firearms, elections, justice, prosperity, taxation, or any other right we possess.

It has been an honor and my privilege to serve as your Iowa Senator in District 36.



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