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Recent South Tama School happenings bring comment

May 26, 2017
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

Some people don't think this newspaper has a comic section, but the education headlines are even funnier than Garfield if you'll read between the lines a little.

Maybe I have the giggles, or I am in one of those weird moods where you find something hilarious when no one else does, but I personally can't wait to see what's going to happen next week!!

Let me recap some of this springs education headlines, I'll paraphrase in my own words .

Mar 3rd-- "$6.3 Million Dollar Addition Coming Along Nicely!!"

Four days later, Mar 7th- "South Tama Bus So Old It Spontaneously Combusts... with Children On Board!!!

Hey,- who needs safe, reliable buses for the little kids when you have a high school with an elevator, 7 new classrooms and a student lounge area!! Am I right?

The contrast between the building and the bus was mildly amusing, but what really got me laughing out loud was the more recent series of headlines.

April 20th- " Mary Jones says STC High School graduation rates at the highest in recent history!!!!"

One week later, April 27th- "Mary Jones helps secure $1 Million dollars in corporate welfare grant for STEM!!!!"

The next week, May 4th-- "Mary Jones Unanimously Canned by the School Board!!!!"

BOOM!!!! -That should teach her to raise graduation rates and secure grants!!! We'll show her, how dare she......

It was like watching an episode of Survivor, where they blindside the best player for winning too many contests.

Thanks Mary Jones, we'll keep the $1 Million dollar grant if you don't mind.....

Hey Mary-- if they offer you a bus ride I would pass if I were you....

Thoroughly amused in rural Tama,

Adam Todd

Rural Tama



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